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We rate Daikin ducted air conditioning systems as world leaders, as they have a superior range of systems compared to their competitors and really do have a unit for any application.

We love their innovative products and they are highly regarded for having excellent low levels of noise and energy consumption. It is little wonder if you visit our state’s north or so many large projects delivered around Perth and WA (or the world in that fact) that so often Daikin is the chosen brand for it’s legendary performance and reliability.

Installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing home, a Daikin ducted air conditioning system provides whole house comfort with minimal visibility to fit with the look of your home.

The only parts to a ducted system that are visible from within the home are the return air and supply air diffusers.

A ducted air conditioning system consists of two parts; the indoor components (flexible ducting and fan coil unit) are concealed either in the ceiling or below the floor while the outdoor unit is positioned discreetly outside of the home. If you are considering a Ducted reverse cycle installation please contact Stinson Air & Solar Solutions for a complimentary proposal for your needs today.

Daikin Ducted and Split System Air Conditioning


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