Winter Heating With Stinson Air and Solar

Stay warm and cosy this winter with Stinson Air & Solar. Whether you’re looking for a whole house reverse cycle ducted system or a single room split system, Stinson Air & Solar has a wide range of custom designed solutions to make this winter a little more comfortable.


The Best Brands In The Space

Stinson Air & Solar only works with the world’s best air conditioning manufacturers including Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic and Fujitsu. 

Depending on your needs Stinson Air & Solar can find the right unit from the right brand to maximise your home comfort this winter.

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Whole House Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems

reverse cycle air conditioning heating

Keep the whole house warm with one reverse cycle ducted system this winter. 

Our range of reverse cycle ducted systems allow you to evenly distribute warmth throughout the entirety of your home. Zone control will ensure the most efficient use of energy allowing you to switch off heating in un-occupied rooms.

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to add to your existing, reverse cycle ducted systems are a great addition for maximum home comfort all year round.


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Split Systems To Heat A Room

mother and daughter inside enjoying reverse cycle air con

If you’re spending most of this winter in one room a split system air conditioning unit is the way for you.

Split systems unlike ducted systems don’t require vents and can be mounted in almost any room of your home. 

Their sleek design, energy efficiency and quiet operation makes them an obvious choice if you’re looking to stay cozy this coming winter!


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Utilise Solar This Winter

rooftop solar system If the power bill is what scares you out of using your heating systems in winter then solar is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Rooftop solar systems are helping more and more Australians save money every year all the while adding value to your home and reducing pollution. With such a wide range of custom designed solutions at your finger tips going solar has never made more sense!

To find the perfect solar system for your home contact Stinson Air & Solar today and take the stress out of staying toastie this winter.

Run It On Solar For Much Less Than You Think!*
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Your Smart Home

The height of comfort this winter comes courtesy of MyPlace and MyAir.

Smart Home Controller Air Conditioning Perth

The MyPlace touchscreen tablet is user friendly and can be integrated into every aspect of your home, most importantly your air-conditioning system.

The MyAir and MyPlace functionality removes the need to get out of bed or get off the couch this winter with an app that can be installed on any smart phone or tablet. This intuitive technology allows you to evenly distribute heat through-out your home, all the while making the most efficient use of your air-conditioner and wallet.

What’s more is MyPlace can also be used to control lighting, garage doors, music, electric blinds and so much more, for so much less than you may think.

Contact the expert team at Stinson Air & Solar Solutions to find out more and make your home smart today.

Advantage Air MyPlace MyAir MyLights Home Automation

MyPlace is an Australian designed and manufactured integrated smart home automation system. The MyPlace control panel and app make life easier by giving you remote control over your:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Lights
  • Garage Doors
  • Blinds
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Ceiling Fans

In fact any compatible 240 volt home appliances can be controlled – worldwide!

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