Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning

Distribute air throughout the whole house via one system with a ducted system.

A ducted air conditioning system consists of a unit that sits inside your ceiling and one that site outside. The only visible components are the vents in the ceiling that deliver the air.

Rather that having a split system unit for each room or area a ducted system is designed to distribute air throughout the whole house via one system. You can however, still zone your areas to improve the efficiency of the system and ensure you are not cooling or heating un-occupied rooms.

ducted air systemsIndoor Unit

This unit houses the fan unit that distributes air around the house.

Outdoor unit or compressor

The size of this unit will be determined based upon the size of your home.


Insulated tubing that delivers the air from the indoor unit to the individual rooms. Poor ducting can mean the heat in your ceiling will make your system work harder.


Diffusers are the vents that deliver the air into the rooms. There are many different shapes and sizes to suit the purpose of the room.

Zone Control

Zone control is the key to the systems efficiency. Each room can be controlled independently using dampers so energy is not wasted cooling or heating un-occupied rooms.


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