Our Brands

Our Brands

Trust our top quality air conditioning brands

We work with the world’s best air conditioning manufacturers, so you can absolutely trust out products.

Stinson Air works with the world’s best air conditioning manufacturers so you can absolutely trust that our products, after sales support and warranties are top quality. We highly recommend Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung and Advantage Air but we are also well aware that other manufacturers have products that are great for specific needs. We will recommend these air conditioning systems when they are the best solution for your project.


MyAir 5 Home Hub

You can also use the ‘My Air’ home hub to control any of our air conditioning systems from your phone or tablet, anywhere, any time. My Air 5 is the ultimate touch screen technology for controlling your household climate and a wide range of other Wifi connected systems including music, lights and security.

We can also provide very different systems and components to meet your particular needs.  For example, we have highly customised 4 metre curved recessed frameless linear bar grilles, control systems, fresh air systems, cellar systems and many other unique and tailor made products

Whether your air conditioning needs are dead straightforward or complex and challenging, Stinson Air can design the perfect air conditioning system to fulfil them. We can also help with financing your system.

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The Daikin Difference

daikin air conditioner

Daikin Air are widely regarded as the world leaders in air conditioning and we are proud to be authorised Daikin Air Conditioning specialists for Perth and the South West. Daikin has recognised our professionalism and great customer service every year for a decade.

Here are some of the key reasons we recommend Daikin air conditioning systems:

  • Exceptional quality at a competitive price
  • Although your initial investment in a Daikin system can be 10-15% higher than other brands, running costs are lower and the system will often last up to twice as long
  • 80 years of applying world leading Japanese technologies in air conditioning research and development
    Daikin’s commitment to R & D has resulted in the largest range of high quality, technically sophisticated products in the industry.
  • They are leaders in energy efficiency; with great innovations such as  ‘intelligent eyes’, which can detect an empty room and automatically make energy saving adjustments.
  • Daikin provide superb after sales service and a genuine 5 year warranty
  • Asthma Foundation endorsed.
    Daikin are the only air conditioning company endorsed by the Asthma Foundation for their range of air conditioners, filters and air purifiers

Let us also show you how you can use the ‘My Air’ home hub to control your Daikin ducted air conditioner from your phone or tablet, anywhere, any time.

The Panasonic Difference

panasonic air conditioners

Stinson Air is proud to include fantastic Panasonic products in our range.

Thirty years of global experience in over 120 countries and a recent increase in market share have made Panasonic a major force in high quality air conditioning systems.

Two things characterise Panasonic’s reputation; whisper quiet, energy efficient reliable systems and fantastic after sales service across their network.
Let us also show you how you can use the ‘My Air’ home hub to control your Panasonic ducted air conditioner from your phone or tablet, anywhere, any time.

Stinson Air is proud to be a recognised Panasonic Specialist Air dealer since 2012.

The Samsung Difference

samsung air conditioners

The Samsung brand is famous for high technology smart phones, tablets and televisions. As the new kids on the block in our industry, they are now producing some of the world’s most successful high tech, affordable air conditioning systems.

Samsung are the world’s first manufacturer of WiFi controlled spilt system air conditioning systems. Let us also show you how you can use the ‘My Air’ home hub to control your Samsung ducted air conditioner from your phone or tablet, anywhere, any time.

We have visited Samsung’s R&D lab, head office and factory in Korea and we came away very impressed.

Samsung has recognised Stinson Air as a Western Australian dealership since 2012.

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