Panasonic Split System Air Conditioners

Panasonic split system air conditioners are designed with more than just heating and cooling in mind. They have the technology to purify the air in your home, maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home while being very energy efficient and eco friendly. Panasonic has an aim to be the number one ‘Green Innovation’ company in the electronics industry world-wide.

Panasonic split system unitsCleaner and Healthier Air

Using Anti Bacterial Filters, Panasonic split systems reduce unwanted air contaminants inside your home.

Quick Cooling

Cools room faster at startup.

Quiet Operation

Utilising some of the quietest air conditioning technology in the world, Panasonic split systems wont wake you up at night.

Energy Saving Technology

Panasonic has produced a system with energy saving Inverter technology. This benefits both the environment and your power bill.

Constant Comfort

Maintains set temperature to keep you comfortable. Inverters make your system more efficient. They maintain constant room temperatures, reach desired temperatures faster and operate more quietly. Premium inverters continually adjust their cooling and heating capacity to suit room temperature.

Tailored Air Conditioning Systems

Stinson Air offers a variety of wall mounted and floor standing split system and reverse cycle air conditioners  which can be tailored to your requirements.

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