Samsung Split System Air Conditioners


Samsung have a great range of single split systems and multi split systems, read on for some more information.

The biggest benefit of the Samsung Free Joint Multi Air Conditioning System (FJM) is that up to five indoor units can run off just a single outdoor unit. Not only can you heat or cool multiple areas in your home using the same system, but you also save on space and improve the appearance of the outside of your house. The Samsung range also has a host of features;

Split system outdoor units

Samsung good sleep mode

Good Sleep Mode – 1. Falling Asleep Stage: eases you into sleep by dropping the temperature slowly.

2. Sound Sleep Stage: Relaxes your body by increasing the temperature slightly.

3. Wake Up Stage: The temperature will raise to increase your body temperature for a refreshing start to your day.

 Samsung-turbo-mode Turbo Mode – Boosts the speed to quickly reach the set temperature.

Samsung-smart-mode Smart Mode – Saves energy by reducing the intensity of the converter when not needed to maintain temperature.

Samsung-quiet-modeQuiet Mode – Super quiet fan mode to minimise noise level.

Samsung-HD80HD80 Air Filtration – Samsung’s High Density (HD) filtration system to cut down the dust level in your home.

Samsung-clean-modeAuto Clean Indoor Coil – Drys off the moisture in the unit by automatically running the fan only on shutdown.

Split System Air Conditioner

Samsung Split System Air Conditioner