Daikin Stock back on track!!

Hi everyone, just a quick post to let everyone know that Daikin stock in Perth is back to normal levels for the Daikin dealer network. For those  that don’t know Daikin and hundreds of other companies have been experiencing supply issues due to the devastating earth quakes and tsunami in Japan earlier in the year. Daikin experienced some supply issues and at one stage it was forecast to not be fully recovered until February of 2012 that has been brought forward and we are told all product lines are now available from mid July 2011 going forward, I met with the head of Daikin Australia personally last week who delivered the news first hand. This is great news and a great example of an industry leading company delivering outstanding results after such a tragic time. Our thoughts and wishes are still with the rebuilding of Japan (they had much more serious issues to deal with than our petty one), but with this as an example they are obviously moving forward in leaps and bounds.