Dale Alcock recommends Stinson Air!

Please view our testimonial from the managing director of Western Australia’s most awarded home builder had this to say about Stinson Air…. thanks Dale, much appreciated!

“Thank you to the Stinson Air team, you’ve proven to be a valuable business partner to the Alcock Brown-Neaves Group.

The Group, including Dale Alcock Homes, apg and TR Homes have frequent dealings with Stinson Air which included our recent successful promotions.

We are impressed with your commitment to our clients in providing them with custom designed solutions to suit their individual needs.

I recommend Stinson Air to our clients and to anyone looking for a comfort solutions provider for their home or project.

Thanks again to Brad and the team, we look forward to strengthening the relationship going forward.”


Kind Regards

Dale Alcock

Managing Director

Alcock Brown-Neaves Group