It’s heating  up so a good time to remind you about some handy tips for your air conditioning system.

  • Remember to keep your air filters clean every two to three months. Hose out the clean side first followed by hosing the dirty side (to avoid pushing dirt into the filter), leave to dry for 10 minutes and replace.
  •  Keep that outdoor unit (condenser) clean and clear from obstructions. Turn system of at mains if dust, leaves etc appear to be blocking copper coils (back and side) and give a good hosing, allow to drain / dry for 30 minutes and turn back on.
  •  If a fault occurs turn the power off at the outdoor unit location or in the switchboard at the a/c circuit breaker leave for 15 minutes and reset. If problems still persist contact Stinson Air.
  •  Ensure ceiling vents are blowing along ceiling (not down) to prevent draughts, this can be reversed in winter.
  •  Remember on those stinking hot Perth days, if you are about to turn your system on after work or in the afternoon – check if the Fremantle doctor is blowing first if so open up the house flush the hot stale air out and then turn your system on. Reduce your power costs and carbon footprint at the same time.
  •  Enjoy your climate controlled paradise!