Stinson Air Construction Supervision Systems Overhauled

At Stinson Air we work with many of Perth’s leading building, construction and architectural firms on their residential and construction projects and we have just overhauled our construction supervision systems. More detailed checklists have been made so that when meeting our clients or their building supervisors on site the whole process will run smoother and any potential issues or foreseeable problems will be dealt with as they arise so as not to turn into problems at the latter stage of the construction process. We have also implemented regular whole of team meetings to discuss every job stage by stage to assure nothing is missed in the construction process as well as tweaking other stages of our supervision systems. So whether you are building your own home and organizing your own air conditioning separate from the builder or you are the builder or the architect you can have the confidence that Stinson Air will hold the supervision of your air conditioning project as a very high priority. When building make sure that Stinson Air is one of your quotes for your Perth air conditioning project!