Stinson Air Fighting Fit and Facial Hair!!

Hi everyone, Stinson Air is fighting fit for the coming Summer, the Stinson Air Team (bar a few pikers) have just completed their annual “Pre- Summer Bootcamp October 2012”. Another fantastic 10 sessions over 12 days, the Stinson Air team and friends had a variety of workouts from boxing to yoga to running the “Kokoda Trail” in Kings Park. Other sessions included getting a workout in the “dojo”, fitness tests at Abbett Park and Beach sessions at Scarborough and Trigg.

We are fighting fit… we are ready to take on the long hot summer… and we are going to be a little hairier starting today due to the more courageous of the men from the team signing up for “Movember” please find our team “StinMoson Air” on the Movember website and donate to this great cause!!