Stinson Air have exciting new products to announce!!! With an emphasis on energy efficiency!!

Hi everyone, in recent days I have been in discussions with the Daikin Perth office and Advantage Air Perth about some of the most exciting and energy efficient new products that I have ever been involved with in my 20 years in the industry. There has been collaboration between Advantage Air and Daikin to develop a fantastic new touch screen control system, with variable air flow to zones (instead of just on or off) being accessible at the touch of a button and all system control available from the one controller, in the past some of this technology has been available but two controllers have been required, there is also control by i phone apps being developed and available shortly. Also just released is a new split system range from Daikin with humidity and fresh air control – a world first, as well as some exciting new linear diffusion products. On top of all that Gen 3 technology can also now be applied to Daikin ducted systems to have independent temperature control though out different zones in your home! The future is also bright with some basic home automation features being available to be used through the new touch screen controllers to control basic power and lighting systems throughout your home at very affordable price.

It is early days, with many of these products being released in October with more to follow in 2012, but please contact us to discuss in further detail how these products can help your comfort and how they can also greatly assist with reducing that electricity bill!!