Stinson Air ready to launch “My Air” touchscreen controllers with Daikin reverse cycle ducted Systems

We are only weeks away from getting our hands on the first “My Air” touch screen controllers from Advantage Air who have after working with Daikin produced a touch screen controller with advanced zone control options and what more there is only the need for one controller which will be available in black or white. These systems will be well advanced over traditional “on/off” zoned systems. The “My Air” controller will be able to control zones in 10 percent increments and will revolutionize personal comfort control levels.. AND ALL FOR VIRTUALLY THE SAME PRICE AS WHAT SOME OF OUR COMPETITORS ARE CHARGING FOR OLD SCHOOL ON / OFF ZONE SYSTEMS!!

There will be no more complaints of, “too much air in this kids bedroom”, or “not enough air in the theatre” as air levels can be controlled at the touch of a button.


WANT MORE!! These systems will be i phone (and other smart phones) compatible, no secondary control stations required at an extra expense, simply download your i phone app, have the system connected to your home wi fi network and presto… control your air conditioner from anywhere in your home… next year a new app will come out where you can control it from your office or anywhere on the planet!!


STILL WANT MORE!! These “My Air” touch screens will soon be available (some time in 2012) for basic home automation or “master switching” features.  Simply have light and power circuits linked to the “My Air” controller for master switching over light circuits or turn of all power circuits (except essentials) when going on holiday – think of all that stand by power savings at the touch of a button.

At Stinson Air, with Daikin and Advantage Air we are very excited about what the future holds!

Please contact us to discuss how these exciting products can be installed to your home today 9444 6744