Stinson Air talks to Carbon Planet about Greening our Future

Recently while at a business seminar I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Macintosh the State Manager of Carbon Planet Australia and we were filled in on all about the impliations of the CRTS and the effects it will have on industry and our own industry as well. We at Stinson Air have come up with a plan to be carbon measured, which will then give us recommendations on how we can reduce our Carbon footprint here at Stinson Air. This is all very new to us and we are certainly learning more and more as we investigate the issue. We are obviously involved in a topical industry when it comes to energy use and green house gas emmisions. We look forward to playing our part by reducing our own emmissions, but primarily we see our role in society is to provide our clients with the most energy efficient airconditioning systems and designs that we can. We also believe we can help educate our clients in clever house design which can help to reduce their air conditioning use  We are already a member of the Australian Refrigeration Council who are constantly looking at ways to improve emmissions from our industry.

There will be plenty to report on this issue into the new year…… WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Brad Stinson