Our Teams

Our Teams

The best people in the right jobs

The Stinson Air family attracts and retains highly skilled, positive people with great air conditioning and solar industry expertise. We are all about delivering excellence and we focus on nurturing and celebrating our talented staff’s capacity to do exactly that. Our team loves living the Stinson Air Code,  and we are committed to bringing our best personal and professional selves to everything we do.

Meet the Managers

Brad Stinson
Managing Director

Much has changed in the 23 years since Brad founded Stinson Air as a newly qualified tradesman. The company has grown from being a ‘one man in an old van’ show into an award winning business employing over 50 staff and contractors across Perth and the South West.

However, there’s one essential thing that’s never changed – Brad’s passion for heading up a company inspired and driven by its core value of playing above the line.

Stinson Air was founded on Brad’s vision, energy and innate sense of the value of balancing hard work with serious play. Two decades on, as air conditioning and solar industry leaders in Perth and the South West, Brad’s thriving team continues to build on his founding vision. Most importantly, they relish every day they spend providing excellent customer service and top quality workmanship.


Gary Hodge
General Manager, Stinson Air South West

Gary and Brad go back. They went to school together and completed their apprenticeships at the same time. While Brad was founding Stinson Air, Gary was settling in the South West and honing his skills in the commercial air conditioning and refrigeration industry. In 2005 Gary established Down South Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

As General Manager of Stinson Air South West, Gary offers a complete residential and commercial air conditioning, rooftop solar installaion, sales installation and maintenance service for Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River and everywhere in between. Stinson Air South West also specialises in installation, servicing and maintenance of commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment, sales of which we deliver statewide.


Tracy Stinson
Administration and Operations Manager

Brad’s sister and right hand woman Tracy is Stinson Air’s big hearted team mother. Tracy ran her own businesses for years and brings her hardwired ‘Stinson’ passion for doing everything superbly to her pivotal role.

Tracy takes care of the team and inspires everyone with her 150% commitment to brilliant customer service and industry leading quality control.

Last but by no means least, Tracy has heaps of those other essential personality traits at Stinson Air – a great sense of humor and a propensity to play.


Kade Boucher
Business Development Manager and Director, Stinson Air South West

Brad’s right hand man Kade has been with Stinson Air for almost 10 years. Kade began on the tools and worked his way to the top. His career path speaks volumes about Kade’s dynamism and smarts. Currently he manages our residential and commercial air conditioning projects, oversees our solar division and looks after our behind the scenes business systems.”

Kade belongs to a rare species. He is very tech savvy and he also connects warmly and easily to everyone he meets. We think his well grounded ‘country boy origins’ account for Kade being great at communicating and brilliant at business and IT systems.

In addition to running the business development universe at Stinson Air, as a founding Director of Stinson Air South West, Kade also supports business systems and special projects across the region.


Graeme Morris
Installation Manager, Stinson Air

Graeme has over 20 year’s experience in the commercial and residential refrigeration and air conditioning industries. He is a great team man who is very particular and attentive to detail on every installation he manages and fantastic at building long term relationships with our construction clients . We like to think of him as our all round installation good guy. Were pretty sure he is not a big fan of this photo of him with the Eagles premierships haloing around his head as Graeme is a very passionate one eyed Dockers man!


Meet the Design and Sales Team

Rolfe, Scott, Duncan and Stuart
Design and Sales Consultants

This great team of blokes looks after all the air conditioning and solar work for many of Perth’s leading building companies. They also design systems for special commercial projects and established homes.  A versatile, knowledgeable bunch, they start by listening to you and asking heaps of questions. Then they apply their passion for great design to creating the air conditioning or solar system that exactly matches your lifestyle and budget.



Meet the ‘organise, install and quality check’ teams

Sal and Jasmin
The Super Schedulers

Sal and Jasmin do a fantastic job of fitting all the pieces of your puzzle together. They are the ‘go to’ team for many of our clients, building supervisors and contractors on anything and everything relating to the timing and progress of each install. Sal and Jasmin are a classy juggling double act at Stinson Air. They schedule to perfection and untangle any glitches in an instant and with a smile. Their calm, clever, efficient operation is a vital part of Stinson Air’s success.

The Install and Service Teams

Graeme, Travis and the team.

Graeme our Installations Manager and Travis our Supervisor are Stinson Air’s meticulous, some might say obsessive iPad toting men on the ground. They oversee all our commercial and residential installations and perform the 28 point quality control check on every ducted reverse cycle system. Nothing gets past these guys. With over 25 years industry experience between them, Graeme and Travis are well equipped to apply their ultra strict approach to ensuring that your system measures up to Stinson Air’s rigorous standards. They also have no qualms about getting their hands dirty to tweak a system if necessary.

Stinson Air employs and contracts teams of quality tradesmen and apprentices, who have embraced our quality control standards. Many of these highly skilled people have been members of the Stinson Air family for years. We constantly receive client testimonials commenting on their professional workmanship, politeness and positive attitudes.

Meet the administration super women

Sarah, Sharon and Jessica

This awesome threesome makes up our superbly smiley customer service and admin team. Led by Tracy, they do a dazzling job of every single thing associated with accounts, customer service and admin support across all our busy departments.