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As we all know, when it comes to the weather, our beautiful city of Perth is a little extreme. The summers are scorching hot, the winters freezing cold, and in the middle, it’s anyone’s guess… So if you need a little consistency, there is only one solution; an air conditioning system that provides year-round comfort. In our experience, each air conditioning unit and heating installation is unique so it help’s to get a little assistance from trained air con professionals like our team at Stinson Air & Solar. We’ll help you find the perfect balance between performance and efficiency so that your home’s temperature stays exactly where you like it, every day of the year, all while keeping your electricity bills as low as possible.

Here at Stinson, we’ve had the pleasure of installing over twenty thousand air conditioning systems throughout the 28 years we’ve been providing residential and commercial air conditioning. Our customers trust us because we guarantee 100% satisfaction, made possible by our industry-leading quality control system and our incredible team of highly trained air conditioning installation and air-conditioning service specialists.

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Award-Winning Air Conditioning Services

Whether you are in the market for a new air conditioning system or looking to have your current system maintained, you are beginning a journey that could either cost or save you thousands.

There is so much more to an air conditioning system than meets the eye, from space limitations, installation logistics, energy consumption and countless competing products. That is why you need an air conditioner specialist you can trust to assist you in making the right choice between a ducted or split system and even what brand to choose.

  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Repair & Maintenance Services
  • System Design & Consultation
  • Ductwork Services

We’ll help you choose the right air-conditioning system for your home

There is so much more to air conditioning than meets the eye, from space limitations, installation logistics, energy consumption and countless competing products. If your priority is to get your air conditioning installed right the first time around, our team is highly regarded by Perth’s top home builders, such as Dale Alcock Homes for their unrivalled installation quality and unbeatable service.

What is the best air conditioning system for a bedroom

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The best solution for bedrooms will always be the quietest air conditioning unit available, for this reason, a ducted air conditioning system will be the best choice of air conditioning for bedrooms.

However, if you are in a smaller apartment or simply are not ready to commit to a ducted system, your best option is simply the most energy-efficient unit you can afford that matches your room size (most likely between 2-3kw). The reason for this is that noise is lost energy, so by design the more efficient your unit is, the less noise it will make.

If you are looking to get the best sleep possible, we’ve also written an article that talks about the best temperature for sleeping.

What is the most energy-efficient type of air conditioner?

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We recommend considering an inverter air conditioner if you are looking for a system with improved energy efficiency and a longer lifespan. Designed for superior energy efficiency, these units can adjust their power output to maintain a consistent temperature, unlike traditional models which cycle on and off. This ability to modulate power usage makes them a more energy-efficient choice for air conditioning. Both ducted reverse cycle and split system air conditioning systems are available with inverter technology.

What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

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Reverse cycle systems are refrigerated systems with a reversing valve that changes the direction the refrigerant gas travels in your system. In cooling mode, hot air is pumped outside, and in heating mode, the hot air is pumped inside. These systems also have a dry mode to remove moisture from humid air, and a fan mode, which is great for circulating and cleaning air on milder days.

What's the difference between a ducted and split system?

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Ducted systems deliver cooled or heated air through a series of ducts to each room in the property, providing uniform temperature control. They are integrated into the building structure, making them less visible. On the other hand, split systems consist of an indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit and are typically used to heat or cool a single room or area. They are more visible than ducted systems, but can often be installed more efficiently and at a lower cost.

What size air conditioner do I need?

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Small Rooms

For bedrooms & small studies (smaller than ~20m2), we recommend 2.5kw air conditioning units.

Medium Rooms

For large bedrooms, lounge rooms and dining rooms (~20m2 – 45m2), we recommend looking at 3-5kw air conditioning units.

Large Rooms

For big rooms ( anything over 45m2) with less insulation such as kitchens and shared living/dining rooms, we recommend looking into 6kw+ air conditioning units

Open Plan Office or Retail Floorspace

Once you reach rooms over 50-60m2, it becomes more complicated to recommend based on room size, there are many more factors you need to account for. A blanket rule would be to look at air-conditioning units upwards of 7kw, but we recommend talking to a specialist in our store to get the best efficiency possible – it could save you thousands of dollars each year.

Split System Air Conditioning Units

Perfect for cooling or heating a single room or small apartment, reverse cycle split systems are compact, versatile, and affordable. Split systems require a relatively simple installation with only two components, an indoor unit that blows hot or cool air, and an outdoor unit housing the compressor.

Ducted Air Conditioning Units

Known for their subtle aesthetics and their effectiveness at heating or cooling larger spaces, ducted air conditioning systems will silently and efficiently maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your home or business. While installation is more complex, these systems will lower energy bills and add value to your home.

Looking to install a new air conditioning system?

Talk to one of our experts and they’ll help you design the perfect system to suit your existing home. We’ll match the right powered unit to the number of rooms and size of your house so you’ll never waste energy or money.

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New Home Air Conditioning

The best time to think about air conditioning is before you build!

Improved Energy Efficiency

Boost energy efficiency by coordinating your air conditioning with the home’s design and insulation.

Cost Savings

Save money by integrating air conditioning installation into the construction process.

Seamless Integration

Ensure better aesthetics and less structural disruption with built-in air conditioning.

No Retrofitting Hassles

No need to break walls, reroute electrical systems, or make structural changes.

Air Conditioning for New Homes

Why choose Stinson Air & Solar?

How about a team that prides itself on honesty and genuine customer relationships?

Stinson Air & Solar is nearing 30 years in WA’s air-conditioning industry and has built a model of industry-leading values, quality control and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Why not take a look at our reviews on Google? With over 100 5-star reviews from happy customers, you can expect quality service with Stinson Air & Solar.

If you are interested in learning what sets Stinson Air & Solar apart from the competition you can read all about our story here.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

With over 28 years of award-winning experience in designing, installing, and servicing top-quality custom air conditioning and rooftop solar systems. Stinson Air & Solar are proud to be the first choice in air and solar for Western Australia’s leading builders.

Every air conditioning installation done to the highest standards

Our air conditioning process begins with a conversation that continues beyond the moment we hand over a completely quality-controlled air conditioning system that you feel confident to operate.

Beyond handover, we are always available to answer any questions and provide timely, complete after-sales service and support.

Our 28-point quality control system

We use our industry-leading 28-Point Quality Control System to ensure that our installs are performed to the highest standard of any air conditioning specialist in WA. ‘Average’ is simply not good enough for Stinson Air & Solar.

Our Streamlined Air Conditioning Installation Process

We are dedicated to ensuring each of our customers receives the level of care that Stinson Air & Solar is renowned for. We have a clear step-by-step process that guides customers through from the initial consultation and quote to our award-winning aftercare & maintenance services.


1. Initial Consultation

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The first step in our process is a comprehensive consultation. We take the time to understand your air conditioning needs, assess your budget, and consider the size and layout of your space. This allows us to recommend the most appropriate size air conditioning system for your specific requirements.

2. Detailed Quotation

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Following the consultation, we provide a detailed quote. This quote outlines the cost of the air conditioning unit, installation labour costs, any additional required materials, and our proposed timeline for the project. Our transparent pricing policy ensures there are no surprises along the way.

3. Professional Installation

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Once you’re happy with the quote, our team of qualified technicians will carry out the installation. Following industry best practices and safety standards, we work efficiently to install your new system to Perth’s highest quality standards, with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

4. System Testing

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After installation, we rigorously test the system to ensure it’s running as intended. Our technicians will run the air conditioning system through a series of tests and checks, verifying that all components are working correctly together, the system is cooling spaces efficiently and consistently, all safety systems are functioning as intended, and adjusting system settings for optimal energy efficiency and comfort.

5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

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Our relationship doesn’t end once the installation is complete. We provide ongoing maintenance services and advice to help you keep your air conditioning system in top condition and as efficient as possible. Our team is always on hand to answer any queries and address any concerns that may arise post-installation. It is just one of the many benefits of choosing Stinson Air & Solar as your air conditioning specialist.

Air-conditioning system design for Perth’s new and established homes

We’ll design & install the perfect air conditioning system to suit your home.

The Stinson Air and Solar team is here to help you install an air conditioning system into your home, whether you need to replace your current unit or install a new one. We offer a free consultation to get to know your home and if any specific requirements are needed.

Talk to one of our experts and they’ll help you design the perfect system to suit your planned or existing home. We’ll match the right powered unit to the number of rooms and size of your house so you’ll never waste energy or money heating and cooling your home.

Residential Air ConditioningContact us

Integrate Smart Home Automation with your home’s Air Conditioning

At Stinson Air & Solar, we offer a range of smart air conditioning solutions to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a system that can integrate with your existing smart home setup or beginning your journey into smart home technology, we’re here to assist you in finding the perfect system for your needs.

Advantage Air Smart Home Air Conditioning

Integrate your air conditioning with Google Home or Amazon Alexa

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These systems can easily integrate with other smart devices in your home. For example, you can use your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control your air conditioning with voice commands. Some smart air conditioners can also be synced with smart thermostats for even better temperature control.

Automate and schedule your homes temperature to your lifestyle:

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With a smart air conditioning system, you can schedule your air conditioning warm your house before you wake on those cold winter mornings or turn down or off when you go to bed for huge benefits in sleep quality. You’ll also benefit from improve energy efficiency, as you can set the system to use less energy when you’re not home.

Monitoring and Maintenance Alerts:

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Never forget routine maintenance again! Smart home air conditioning systems monitor your energy usage and alert you when it’s time for routine maintenance or when a potential issue is detected. This helps to ensure that your air conditioner is always running at its best and safest.

Commercial Air condition systems for Perth businesses

At Stinson Air & Solar, we thrive on tackling complex commercial air conditioning and solar projects, providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our expertise has seen us install state-of-the-art commercial air conditioning systems across Western Australia, with numerous successful projects in Perth and regional areas. We’ve worked in diverse locations, extending from Port Hedland to Karratha, and from Esperance to as far as Christmas Island, consistently delivering exceptional service and professional installations to our customers.

Commercial Air Conditioning

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Perth’s Air-conditioning FAQs

What’s the difference between standard vs premium inverters?

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Standard Inverters

Standard inverters operate once the room reaches your desired temperature. Limited inverted technology then maintains this temperature for uninterrupted comfort and more efficient operation.

Premium inverters

Premium inverters continually adjust their cooling and heating capacity to suit room temperature. They reach the desired temperature faster, and adjust their energy consumption to maintain that temperature. Find out more about inverter air conditioning here.

What temperatures do you recommend I set my air conditioning?

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We recommend operating on 22 degrees in winter and 24 degrees in summer. Every degree that you increase in winter or decrease in summer changes your energy efficiency use by 10%.

The best air conditioning temperature for electricity savings

What is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

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This is the ultimate air conditioning system providing total comfort throughout your whole home. We customise the reverse cycle air conditioning system to meet your needs, with a variety of diffusion options and advanced zone (comfort) control options. The indoor unit and flexible ductwork is concealed above the ceiling. Conditioned air is delivered to each room through a ceiling vent. The condensing unit is outside in a suitable location.

Ducted Air Conditioning

What if I have respiratory conditions like asthma or hay fever?

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All Stinson Air & Solar premium ducted reverse cycle systems have a Purtech triple-layered electrostatic filter installed as standard. These filters catch up to 30% more dust particles than standard single-layered filters. The Daikin range of wall-mounted split systems and air purifiers are the only systems endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia. Their excellent multiple air filtration systems are fantastic at expelling microscopic dust particles and odours and deactivating air-borne bacteria and viruses.

How to clean your air conditioning filter

What are wall mounted split system air conditioners?

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A wall mounted split systems air conditioning unit can be installed almost anywhere with no need for ductwork. They provide air conditioning to a single zone and are available in cooling only or reverse cycle. We select a system to suit your room size and décor. We would love to show you our range of awesome options including very sleek designs to compliment the coolest interiors. We can also recommend WiFi enabled systems controllable from anywhere.

Split System Air Conditioning

What are my other air conditioning options?

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The team at Stinson Air & Solar are the Perth air conditioning specialists and can show you lots of other options as part of our complimentary air conditioning design consultation for your new air conditioner. These include: evaporative air conditioning, ceiling cassettes, floor mounted split systems, mini bulkhead ducted systems, air purifiers, commercial ventilation systems and many more.

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