How often should I clean my air conditioners filters?

We get asked this often, and also often meet new clients that may have had an old air conditioner for years that never cleaned their filters!! Geez have we seen some blocked ones with what looks like a layer of carpet (dust) over the filter – this does not make for a healthy home or an efficient air conditioner! You can search back through our blogs for a video on how to hose your filter but we thought being spring it was time for a healthy reminder. We believe a home that uses it’s air conditioner to a regular standard use should clean their filters every 3 months, if you have exceptionally high use or run every day like in a commercial situation we believe you should clean your filters monthly. The more you clean them the healthier your air and the less dollars you will spend on running costs.

How do I clean my filters?  For standard dust catching filters we recommend that you remove the filter, take outside in this lovely Perth Spring weather (it took it’s time coming this year)and hose out, spray directly into the filter on the clean side of the filter from top to bottom flicking of the dust at the back, next turn over and then spray hose at approximately a 45′ angle to the dirty side top to bottom. Gently tap each side of the filter on the ground to remove excess water, leave out side to dry and return to your system… then most importantly don’t forget about doing it for the next 3 years – it is not healthy and your running costs will sky rocket!

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