Repair and Maintenance

Comprehensive annual seasonal maintenance visit

  • Yearly reminder/automatically book your air conditioning service
  • Clean return air grille and filter
  • Hose out condenser coils, and clear coil obstructions.
  • Flush drain lines and pans
  • Deodorize and sanitize air conditioning duct, evaporator coil and the air passing through it, with a Gelair air conditioning block
  • Check integrity of ductwork, ensure no sagging or tears and correct as required.
  • Inspect electrical is safe, remove dust, debris, insects etc from near PCBs as required.
  • Check refrigeration charge and temperature readings.
  • Correct operation checks

Stinson Air & Solar Maintenance Checks

Ducted evaporative cooling system – seasonal maintenance visit
Includes cleaning of water distribution system, cooling pads flushed, basin emptied and cleaned and all electrical, safety, pump and operation checks completed.

Wall or ceiling mounted split system – seasonal maintenance visit

Includes cleaning of condenser coil and air filters, drain flush, deodorize evaporator coil, electrical and safety checks, remove dust and insects etc from PCBs as required, check refrigeration charge and correct operation checks.

More than one air conditioner?
Have an additional air conditioning system maintained at the same visit and save- ask us today!

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