Install Air Conditioning during the building process

If you are in the process of planning, building or moving into your new home, we can help find and install the right air conditioning system for you.

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New Build Air Conditioning Installation Experts

Our objective is always to deliver to the very highest in quality and integrity with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency, ensuring your property project stays on track and within budget.

Installing the latest and highest standard air conditioning systems is our specialty. This is why you will find Stinson Air & Solar as the preferred supplier and installer throughout the Perth Metro and South West region. Many of Perth and Western Australia’s leading home builders entrust us with 100% of their air conditioning installations.

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10 Reasons why Stinson Air & Solar should be your first choice for Residential and Construction needs

Complimentary Consultation

When it comes to new home air conditioning, we work with you to design a customised system in or out of your building contract. Our process begins with a complimentary design consultation, so we can learn about your lifestyle needs and recommend the best possible options from our product range.

Whether you have done your research and feel well-informed, or just starting your journey towards an air conditioning system, we can help guide you.

Included or Extra?

Most builders will be very clear if AC is included or extra in the home design you select. Even if this is an extra consideration, you will most likely have options laid out before you, for seamless incorporation into their construction process.

The additional cost of air conditioning can seem low in comparison to your overall building cost, however, it is perfectly normal to seek an alternate quote or expert opinion outside of your builder’s recommendation. The worst that can happen is you will be more informed and prepared for this chat!

Early Starts Ensure Great Results

We love to talk with our clients before we install air conditioning in new home builds, to ensure all project goals are aligned with our schedules, your expectations, and most importantly budgets to ensure full clarity and transparency. This allows us to work in sync with architects and builders to make sure any air conditioning and solar installation requirements are integrated into the construction planning.

Knowing when to get the process started can be tough when you are being pulled in multiple directions during a new home build. The best place to start is knowing whether you are interested in a ducted system or split system.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted reverse cycle systems are often included in modern build designs, this is for good reason, they are very economical and seamlessly transition between warm air and cool air. This is one of the most important systems to consider as early as possible during the construction of your new home.

To ensure the most affordable outcome, ducted systems need to be installed as early as appropriate. There are multi level home designs that do not allow for ducted systems to be installed once built.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Wall Mounted Split Systems

Wall mounted split systems are extremely efficient in heating and cooling single rooms. They are easy to install, easy to replace, and most importantly allow for quiet operation in specific areas instead of the whole house.

Split systems can often be installed later in the construction process or even after completion, but not always. It is better to consider and plan ahead so you are organised for your new AC system.

Split System Air Conditioning Systems

Partnerships With Home Builders

We are specialists in every aspect of air conditioning and even rooftop solar with long-term relationships with many of Perth and the South West’s most respected and awarded building companies. This has enabled us to establish ourselves as leaders in new build air conditioning and solar installations, forged through a range of successful projects that speak for themselves.

Whether you build ten homes a year or hundreds, our buying power, scheduling and installation process will deliver your projects on time, on budget, and customised to fit your design needs.

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Our team would love to meet you to demonstrate our design and installation capabilities. You can visit us at one of our showrooms or email us your plans and we can start the design conversation today. Looking for a new home air conditioning quote? We welcome you to send an enquiry and a member of our team will be in touch.

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