28 Point Quality Control

The best quality control system – you’ll never see.

‘Average’ is never good enough for Stinson Air & Solar.

When we handover your Stinson Air & Solar installed ducted air conditioning system, all you will see is a perfect system performing at peak capacity. Behind the scenes we use our industry leading 28 Point Quality Control System to ensure that our installs are performed to the highest standard you will find in WA. In 2012 we realised we needed an accurate, practical way to keep quality tabs on our exploding workload – the 28 Point Quality Control System was born.

How it works

This two part system measures all of our trades’ performances across a range of on and off site measures including a rating against the Stinson Air & Solar Code.

Part one – Daily site supervisor rating

Our site supervisors use an iPad to rate and record install performance. The data is live on a ‘Google doc’ graph and can be viewed at any time. Here is a snapshot of some of the key things we check in our complete 28 Point Quality Control System.


  • All ductwork is cut to length and suspended running downhill to diffusers.
  • No sagging ducts over hangers or beams
  • All return air ducts are the correct length to minimise airflow noise


  • All drains run correctly, fixed and flowing downhill to prevent water leaks in your roof spaces


  • Condenser locations are checked to ensure adequate air flow
  • Diffusers, pipe covers and controllers are level and at the correct height
  • Insulation is put back in place
  • Anti-vibration mounts installed and much more


  • No hand prints on diffusers or controllers
  • All rubbish removed
  • No electrical wiring off cuts around condensers (Brad’s personal pet hate)

Part two – monthly off site rating

Each month Stinson Air & Solar’s entire operations team rates our installers’ offsite and values performance for; attitude, job sheet punctuality, teamwork, presentation and examples of living the Stinson Air & Solar Code

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