Samsung Ducted Air Conditioning

A Samsung ducted reverse cycle system is designed to be a very unobtrusive way to heat or cool each room in your house with just one system.

Samsung’s Smart Inverter technology ensures you experience minimal temperature fluctuation for optimal comfort. The smart inverter automatically adjusts to the capacity of the entire air conditioning system and maintains the ideal programmed temperature without constantly shutting off and switching on the compressor – leading to much more efficient operation.

Control your comfort from virtually anywhere

Samsung Ducted Air Conditioners also feature Wi-Fi control. This means comfort is literally at your fingertips. You can use a compatible Android™ or iOS Smartphone or  Tablet (sold separately) to control the system from within our house. You can also control the system from out of home while on a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network. Never worry about forgetting to turn your air conditioner off again. Also, check your room temperature before leaving for home. Set the system to come on remotely so that your room is comfortable before your arrival.

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The Samsung Ducted Air Conditioning system is comprised of 3 components:


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A stylish and intuitive controller. Some models feature LCD backlighting and include time scheduling.

Outdoor Unit

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The outdoor unit houses the Samsung Smart Inverter compressor. It contains the heat exchanging coil and circulates refrigerant to the indoor unit.

Indoor Unit

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The indoor unit (hidden from view in your ceiling space), also contains a heat exchanging coil that cools the air in your house in cooling mode and warms it in heating mode. A fan then blows the conditioned air through the ducts installed in your roof space to the outlets in the ceiling of each room.

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