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Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is the most cost-effective way to cool and heat your home or business. Stinson Air & Solar will ensure you maximise these cost savings with an energy-efficient ducted air conditioning system designed to perfectly match your needs and budget.

With over 25 years of experience, Stinson Air & Solar are the long-established specialists of ducted air conditioning in Perth. We’ve installed AC in over 20,000 homes and businesses, and bring this experience to every system we install and service.

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Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is without a doubt the best climate control solution available to Perth homes and offices. With ducted air conditioning you’ll enjoy a number of benefits such as improved energy efficiency, easy maintenance and silent operation, all from a unit that is almost completely hidden in your roof space. Better yet, a reverse cycle air conditioner is capable of both heating and cooling, so you can enjoy a consistent temperature in winter, summer and everything in between – no need to spend your hard-earned money on an additional heating system.

Why Choose Stinson Air & Solar

By choosing Stinson Air & Solar as your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning specialist, you are guaranteeing award winning service and installation quality. The quality of our work – be it the tidiness of our installs or our careful selection of products – is the reason Perth’s top home builders like Dale Alcock Homes choose us as their preferred air conditioning supplier. We guarantee satisfaction, it’s what we are reputed for, and with over 20,000 air conditioners installed, the experience of our team is industry leading.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 100+ 5-Star Reviews
  • 25 years providing award-winning ducted AC installation services
  • Fully licenced & Insured HVAC technicians
  • Industry Leading Quality Control

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Is Ducted Air Conditioning Right for You?

Installing ducted air conditioning is probably more affordable than you’d expect, but it’s perfectly reasonable to want assurance that your upfront investment will pay off. If you’re weighing up whether a ducted system suits your needs, consider giving our team a call. With just a few straightforward questions, our team can offer recommendations for the ideal air conditioning solution for your home.

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Does your space and layout suit ducted?

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There are a few occasions when a ducted air conditioning system is simply the best solution.

Bigger homes and multistorey buildings

We always recommend ducted systems for larger homes (more than 2 rooms) and multi-story buildings as they can more efficiently distribute air throughout multiple rooms and floors when compared to split systems.

Open Plan Layouts

For homes and businesses with open-plan designs, ducted systems are able to cool and heat more uniformly, leaving no cold air pockets. A split system will not be able to achieve this efficiently.

Do your cooling and heating needs require ducted?

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You want to heat or cool your whole-home

If you are looking for a solution that can cool or heat the entire house uniformly, a ducted system is the only solution that will meet the requirements.

You plan to live in your home long term

Consider how often and how long the system will be used. Ducted systems are more cost-effective than split systems over the long term for regular and extensive use. Once your system is a few years old, you’ll easily save more than you spent on installation. As Darryl Kerrigan would say – “paid for itself”.

Does a ducted system suit your budget and efficiency needs?

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Initial Investment vs. Running Costs

Ducted systems generally have a higher upfront cost compared to split systems. However, their efficiency can lead to lower running costs, especially in larger homes and open spaces. If you only plan to use the unit a few weeks a year on especially hot days, then you may not benefit from the lower running costs as much, short term.

Future Home Plans

If there are plans to expand the home or change its layout, a ducted system offers the flexibility to adapt to these changes with relative ease. Additionally, the initial investment is paid off by your long-term savings in energy efficiency with the added benefit of adding value to your home!

Say Goodbye to High Energy Bills for Good!

Our air conditioning specialists are here to help you design the perfect system for your home.

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How Ducted Air Conditioning Works

A ducted reverse cycle system consists of two main units: One sits outside your home drawing in and cooling the air, while the other sits inside your ceiling distributing the cool air. Unlike a multi split system solution which would require units be installed in each room, a ducted air conditioning distributes air throughout the entire house with a single system.

With just 5 components in total, installing a ducted reverse cycle system is simpler and more cost-effective than you might expect.

Indoor Air Conditioning Unit

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This unit houses the fan unit that distributes air around the house.

Outdoor Unit or Compressor

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Circulates refrigerant under pressure to concentrate and transfer heat.


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Insulated tubing that delivers the air from the indoor unit to the individual rooms. Poor ducting can mean the heat in your ceiling will make your system work harder.

Air Con Diffusers

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Diffusers are the vents that deliver the air into the rooms. There are many different shapes and sizes to suit the purpose of the room.

Zone Control

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Zone control is the key to the systems efficiency. Each room can be controlled independently using dampers so energy is not wasted cooling or heating un-occupied rooms.

What Size Ducted Air Conditioner Do You Need?

To find the right sized ducted air conditioner for a house, we multiply the house’s living area in square meters by a specific wattage number. This wattage number depends on your ceiling height. For the standard Perth home with 2.4m high ceilings, use 150 watts.

Living Area (sqm) x 150 watts = Total watts needed.

Here is an estimate of what sized AC you will need for 3 common block sizes.

  • 150 sqm house: 22.5 KW
  • 185 sqm house: 27.75 KW
  • 200 sqm house: 30 KW

Why Choose Ducted Air-conditioning Over a Split System?

With over 80% of homes, especially single storey homes we would generally recommend the one ducted reverse cycle system over several split systems, here are some reasons why:

  • Smaller Size
    Households and business owners are forever looking at ways of saving space and improving their visual aesthetic. Ducted systems negate the need for multiple wall units to be installed throughout your property, giving you more internal space and control over your interior design.
  • Reduced Maintenance
    With just one outdoor condensing unit to monitor as opposed to multiple units, you will save time and money on maintenance costs.
  • Cheaper Running Cost
    Worried about rising energy bills? If you are heating more than one room, a ducted system will better fit a range of budgets than a split system in each room. This applies to both cost of the units and running costs.
  • Energy Efficient
    If your home is large enough for two split systems, a ducted system will usually provide more efficiency.
  • Quieter Operation
    Just a single outdoor compressor/condenser unit hidden away, meaning less noise when active.
  • Smart Automation Features
    Built for lifestyle with the ability to automate functions and operate remotely from mobile devices.
  • Adds Property Value
    Air conditioning is a great long term investment to increase the value of your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ducted Air Conditioning Worth It?

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Ducted air conditioning systems are highly efficient, offering many benefits such as whole house comfort, energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality and aesthetics. Therefore, they are a worthwhile consideration for home or business owners looking to cool or heat their entire building effectively.

When is a Ducted Air Conditioner Not Suitable?

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Limited ceiling space for ductwork

Check if there’s adequate ceiling space to accommodate the ductwork. Limited or obstructed ceiling space might make installation challenging.

Small apartments or single rooms

Some apartments simply won’t have a ceiling space to install a duct work and compressor unit if it wasn’t installed during construction, and if you are only heating one or two rooms, you might be more suited to a smaller split system.

Is Ducted Aircon Expensive to Run?

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Ducted aircon systems are generally more expensive to install and but they are often cheaper to run than other types of air conditioning, with running costs typically ranging from $1 – $1.50 per hour.

What is Cheaper Ducted or Split?

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Split systems are generally cheaper to install than ducted air conditioners, making them a great choice smaller homes with one or two rooms. Once you reach 3-5 rooms then the cost of installing ducted becomes far more financially appealing.

What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting a Ducted Air Conditioning System?

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When selecting a ducted air conditioning system, consider factors such as brand, model, installation requirements and the size of your property to ensure that the systems power output meets your needs. We can help with that!

Are Ducted Systems Less Noisy Compared to Split Systems?

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Yes, we regularly receive customer feedback that our ducted air systems are incredibly quiet. This is largely due to the fact that unlike split systems, the noisy compressor is outside, meaning inside you only hear the gentle flow of cool air.

Which Brand of Ducted Air Conditioners is the Best Solution for Me

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In terms of efficiency, features and brand trust, Daikin is always going to be the top pick however every brand we stock has been hand selected due to the quality of their products. No matter which brand you choose, you will be happy with the result. It is more important that you select the right sized unit for your home and needs, and for that you will need to consult with one of our experienced HVAC specialists.

Does Stinson Air and Solar Work With Any Commercial Builders?

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Absolutely! We are proud to be the preferred air conditioning supplier for a number of high-profile builders, including Dale Alcock Homes, and have forged long-term relationships based on our quality of service.

Do I Need to Service My Ducted Air Conditioner?

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Regular maintenance and professional servicing are essential for keeping your ducted air conditioning system running efficiently and effectively. By staying on top of maintenance tasks you ensure that your system operates at its best and lasts for years to come. Thankfully, maintenance for ducted air conditioning is fairly simple as there is only a single unit to clean, rather than several split systems.

Stinson Air & Solar offers professional servicing for all makes and models of ducted air conditioning systems that we install. We will handle everything from cleaning or replacing filters, cleaning duct work, checking air temperature and refrigerant levels, and inspecting the zoning system.

We recommend that you have your ducted air conditioning system serviced by a professional at least annually. Scheduling regular professional servicing prevents breakdowns, maintains air quality, and ensures that your system reaches its full useful life and peak efficiency.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Ducted Air Conditioning?

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Installation costs for ducted air conditioning systems depend on factors such as…

  • The size of your home or office
  • The make and model of your chosen air conditioning system
  • The complexity of the installation

The typical ducted air conditioning cost of installing a ducted air conditioning system can range anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on these factors.

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