What size air con do I need?

Finding the right-sized air conditioner might seem like an overwhelming task, but with the right guidance and understanding of the options available it doesn’t have to be.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the factors to consider, different options, and even explain how the team here at Stinson Air & Solar work to ensure whichever aircon unit you pick is professionally and expertly installed.

Choosing the right air con: Factors to consider

1. Space

There are different air-con designs, sizes and types to choose from so the first consideration to think about is the space you want to be cooled (or heated). If you’re after a temperature control solution for a single, enclosed room the right option will differ significantly from a system that needs to cool an entire home or large open plan space. Calculate the square meterage size of the room or rooms you’re looking to cool so that you have a better idea of the size air con that you’ll need. (More on the calculations later.)

2. Insulation

Insulation can make a surprisingly impactful difference to your air con’s efficiency. Depending on when your house was built, its roof may not be insulated well. The better the insulation the more cool or hot air will be retained inside your home and the less hard your air con will have to work. A home with subpar insulation (or no insulation at all) will need a more powerful air conditioner and is likely to use more energy at the same time.

3. Location

Most air con units are installed high up in the wall (or ceiling). This allows the unit to have to work less powerfully to cool the entire room. You will however need to take into consideration the space available in your home when choosing the right size air con. Don’t forget that split systems have an outdoor component to the unit as well so the placement of your aircon will need to be through an external wall or connected through the roof.

4. Home design

It’s not just the size of the room that you need to consider either. Air conditioners in open plan offices or large homes will need to be larger and more powerful to achieve the same level of cooling (or heating). Consider the layout of your home, the number of enclosed and open spaces, and your particular requirements when choosing between different sized air cons.

5. Costs

Larger air con units will cost more to purchase, install and more to run as they use more electricity. Factoring in your budget will help you eliminate some of the air con options or focus you on the more energy efficient models.

Calculating the amount of power, you need

When you’re trying to work out how powerful an air conditioner you need, consider the following general rules. (But remember, every home and application is different, so we advise you to contact us directly for tailored advice).

  • 5 kW is suitable for rooms up to approx. 18 metres squared in size.
  • 5 kW is suitable for rooms up to approx. 25 metres squared in size.
  • 6 kW is suitable for rooms up to approx. 40metres squared in size.
  • 8 kW is suitable for rooms up to approx. 60 metres squared in size.

Types of Air Conditioners

When you’re tossing up between different sized air conditioners, part of your decision will be settling on the type of air con as well.

Split System Air Con

The split system unit is made up of two separate parts. One is attached inside the house, and one sits on the outside of the house. Relatively low cost for installation, they’re better suited to cooling individual, small and enclosed rooms.

Reverse Cycle Air Con

The reverse cycle unit is the same as a split system air con only it offers both cooling and heating functionalities, making it perfect for use throughout the whole year.

Ducted Air Con

Ducted air con provides cooling throughout the house through a series of outlets and vents. While you can customise how your ducted is installed, it’s more suited for whole home applications rather than a small-sized unit for a single room.

Multi-unit System

Multi-system split air conditioners connect multiple different units through a single outdoor condenser. This makes for effective whole-house cooling but does not allow for single-room operation where a smaller, standalone unit would suffice.

Window Wall Air Con

This air-con design is for installation on a windowsill or in another hole in an external wall. Some models can cool, some can heat, and some can do both, so you’ll need to check the particular features of the unit you’re considering.

Portable Air Cons

A portable air conditioner is good for quick, short-term air conditioning. Without any installation required, you can just plug it into a power point and be off. There are different-sized portable air cons, so consider the size of the room you’re plugging it in and using it in.

Additional Features

While size and power are understandably some of the more important and influential factors determining which air con is right for you and your home, it is worth thinking about some of the other, additional features that may be of practical benefit.

  1. Remote control operability
  2. Timers for automatically setting on and off times.
  3. Dehumidifier for decreasing the humidity in your home or room.
  4. Air filters for improving the quality of the air and removing allergens.
  5. Energy efficiency rating to indicate that they are more energy efficient, cheaper for ongoing operation and more environmentally friendly.

The Stinson Air & Solar Process

At Stinson Air & Solar we know that not every air con is suitable for every client. Your needs and your preferences may vary from someone else’s. This is exactly why our installation process for air conditioners starts and hinges on an open and transparent conversation with you.

We make sure that we understand your needs and know what you want. That way, once the quality air conditioner is chosen and installed, we’ll both be confident that you’ll be satisfied.

Our open communication channels ensure that in addition to a helpful handover, we’ll be able to answer all of your questions, alleviate any concerns and provide any before, during or after sales support as required.

It all starts with a chilled conversation, so make sure to contact us today and ask us what size air con is right for you!