Why You Should Consider Solar or Battery Storage Before You Build?

Building a home can be one of the stressful and complicated times of your life. You need to make decisions on the types of floors, kitchen splashbacks, outdoor pavers, window finishings and endless more details throughout the process. When it comes to making the call on whether want to install solar power or a battery storage system for your house, it sounds like it will be easier to make that decision once everything has settled down and the house is built, right?  

What you’ll actually find is that by trying to install solar or battery storage in a house that’s already built, you are limited in a number of different ways and it can even be more expensive to do! Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider installing solar or battery storage while you build your house. 

1.By working with roof designs we can minimise compromise on unit size and maximise system design efficiency

For example, we can have the best roof locations clear of roof cowls, antennas, plumbing vents and so on. The roof design can possibly be altered to maximise a best-fit design solution for your needs.

With proper pre-construction consideration, we can have inverters and batteries or future batteries and EV charging stations in the locations that YOU want, not what is left available after the event. Conduits can be pre-installed and you won’t have to compromise later. For example – it can be frustrating if you have to put components in your garage in an area that was pre-planned for a workbench or bike rack.

3. Minimise the maintenance of your home.

With installing after the event, you often have to run external conduits on the exterior and interior walls or install components in high weather areas. These involve more fixings and fittings that can corrode or get damaged. This leads to another future maintenance concern and will reduce fixing or component expected lifetimes.

4. Improved aesthetics

By proper planning in the design and construction stage, we can often improve your homes street appeal. By being able to choose roof locations and adjust roof components or minimise unsightly interior and exterior conduits we can improve the look of your home.

5. Utilise on-site safety equipment for safer and often more cost-effective install

By installing solar during the build process, often the scaffold, hoists and equipment can be utilised for a safer install. This will often lead to cost savings if the home would require scaffold, crane hire, scissor lifts or elevated platforms if done post-construction. Win, win!

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