Solar Power for Perth Homes

Rooftop solar systems are helping Western Australian’s save money and reduce pollution, all while adding value to their homes. It’s no wonder why the demand for solar power in Perth is at an all time high. Have you thought about a solar solution for your home or business?

Maybe you have always wondered how solar power works, or what the benefits are? We will explain below how to use a rooftop solar system so that you get the best results.

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How does solar power work?

Solar powered housing example

Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems

The solar panels on your roof convert sunlight into DC electricity. A solar inverter then converts the DC electricity into 240V AC electricity for use inside your home. Appliances in your home will utilise the AC from the solar power system first and draw electricity from the grid if you need more. If you are producing excessive power, this is returned to the grid and you will receive a credit on your bill for this returned excess power depending on the type of system you install.
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Why You Should Consider Solar or Battery Storage Before You Build? 

Why install a solar power system? Here are five reasons why you should install rooftop solar:

Protect yourself from rising electricity costs with Solar Power in Perth

Average ROI of 20-35% per annum!
Enjoy the Financial Benefits of Solar from Day 1Ask Us How

Once the rooftop solar system has been installed you can feel secure, knowing that it will continue to generate free electricity year after year. Your solar panels will work tirelessly at putting a big dent in your power bill, perhaps even completely eliminating it altogether! Imagine being able to enjoy the finer things in your home, like your air conditioning, your pool heaters, lighting and more, without worrying about the hefty price tag. This alone is a great reason why you should install solar panels, but there are many more…

Fantastic Return on Investment on your Solar Solution

With a rooftop solar solution investment you’ll be saving on your electricity bill from day one. This translates into an average return on your initial investment of around 20 – 35% per annum for many years to come depending on your use and circumstance.

Government Rebates and Incentives on your Solar Power

The Australian Federal Government’s Small Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) provides thousands of dollars towards the purchasing costs of your system. Once installed the, state based Feed-In Tariff Scheme pays you for any excess electricity you generate and don’t use. Why would you use general electricity when you could be using a renewable energy source that not only saves you money, but can even make you money?

Increase the value of your home or investment property in Perth and Western Australia

Homes with rooftop solar systems installed have been proven to sell at a premium compared to less efficient homes. With rising energy costs, and a shift to a greener environment, buyers are increasingly focusing on energy efficiency when considering which home to purchase. Solar panels can increase the value of your home, its competitiveness and its marketability.

Do your bit to help save the planet

Traditional power stations are powered by burning coal, one of the biggest sources of carbon pollution. The renewable energy generated via your own solar panel system means that you will purchase less electricity from the grid. So, by installing your own rooftop solar system you can help to reduce your carbon footprint to do your bit to help save the planet! Whilst also helping to take pressure of your wallet at the same time.
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How to maximise your rooftop solar system

To increase your return on investment of your solar solution and to reduce your payback period, there are a few simple tips you can implement to make your home energy efficient:

  • Use electricity at times when your solar power system is producing electricity. This might include using the timers on devices, such as your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher or pool pumps, to make sure they are only working when your power production is peaking during the day
  • Set a timer on your air conditioner so that it comes on before you get home from work to cool your home down, and then reduce usage as night falls
  • Purchase energy efficient appliances
  • Install energy efficient lighting – ask us about the amazing My Lights that can be installed to your existing or new home
  • Shade East and West windows from the sun with good window furnishings or even plant a shady tree– these will prevent heat gain in summer and reduce air con use
  • Upgrade your air conditioning system. Did you know that a 10-year-old system can easily be only half as efficient as a new inverter model – we think we might be able to help you out there also!
  • Make sure your home has effective ceiling insulation and maybe add a roof extraction fan to remove heat from that hot summer ceiling space
  • Or maybe on the next scorching summer day, leave the air conditioner off, pack the family, surfboards and esky and head to the beach!

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