Get Your Solar Sorted Before Summer

The weather is starting to warm up and the days are getting longer – Summer’s clearly on the way!For most people in Perth, the Summer months are all about catching up with friends and family, hitting the beach, and just generally enjoying the warmer weather.

But all of this fun and frivolity comes at a cost, with energy bills peaking at this time of year. Between the air conditioner running around the clock, the extra fridge / freezer keeping you stocked up, and the additional appliances required to help keep everyone happy and fed, it quickly adds up. It doesn’t need to, though!

Residential solar panels could be the answer to your Summer utility bill woes. Installing a home solar system now will allow you to take full advantage of the extra daylight and keep your costs down over this busy period.

Install in Spring to get the most out of your residential solar

Residential solar panels work whenever there is sunlight. While that’s basically year-round here in Perth, a solar rooftop is most effective when there’s plenty of sun, but the temperature is cooler. This means Springtime is usually the best time to have a home solar system.

In even better news, not only are you likely to produce more power in Spring, chances are that your consumption will be lower at this time. As the sweet spot between the Winter chill and the Summer heat, your home solar panels will probably produce more energy than you need in Spring. When that happens, the extra electricity will be fed back into the grid and earn you a tidy little tariff.

Get in early to get the most for your money

One of the biggest reasons Spring is the optimum time to install home solar panels is that it means you will be ready when the real heatwave hits.

Summer is a bit of a double-whammy when it comes to the difference a home solar system can make. Not only is there peak sunlight for you to capitalise on, you’re probably going to be pulling a lot more power down just to keep everyone cool and comfortable. This means that, having your solar panels up and running by Summer will allow you to get the most out of your system and avoid those notoriously high electricity bills.

Getting your home solar system in by the end of the year will also maximise the rebate can receive. Eligible residential solar systems create Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC), which you can use to offset your installation costs. However, this program is being phased out, with the rebate rate dropping each calendar year.

Avoid the end of year rush

If you’re anything like most people we know, the end of the year has a habit of getting away from you. As work and school winds down and your social calendar heats up, weeks begin to fly by and before you know it, it’s the new year. Getting your home solar system organised now means you can enjoy all the benefits over the Summer months, without having to find time in your increasingly busy schedule to arrange installation.

Also, most homeowners don’t start thinking about a home solar system until the weather begins to warm up. This leads to longer wait times in Summer, with most installers of rooftop solar in Perth are booked solid throughout December and January.

So, get ahead of the crowds and book in with Stinson Air & Solar today. We sell and install a wide range of home solar systems and design a custom solution to suit your budget, lifestyle and needs.