Can Ducted Air Conditioning Increase the Value of Your Home?

Should you install a ducted air conditioning system in your home?

Will it increase the potential value of your house should you come to sell it?

Here at Stinson Air & Solar, we get these sorts of questions a lot, and as ducted air conditioning experts, we thought we should shed some light on each of them. Let’s get straight to the point!

Does Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Increase the Value of Your Home?

The short answer is yes. In fact, any air conditioning, especially in a hot and sunny city like Perth, can have a substantial impact on the value of your home. So, while the initial investment in having a ducted system installed may be pricier than other options, the long-term financial benefit is clear.

Even if you’re intending on renting your house out rather than selling it, you can certainly charge more rent for a home with a ducted system. Your tenants will enjoy all the benefits, comfort wise and financially, of the air con unit, so they will be willing to pay more and there will be more demand from the market.

But why is ducted adding so much extra value to homes in Perth? To answer that, we need to first explain what a ducted system is.

What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is a popular type of climate control used around the world by homes and businesses. It generally relies on one indoor unit connected to a series of ducts in the roof of a home to distribute cooled air throughout each room of the house, The indoor unit is connected to an outdoor unit discreetly positioned outside the home or business. While the ducts can, in some cases, be hidden in walls as well, they are most commonly installed in ceilings. The result: a hidden and quiet air conditioning system that efficiently distributes conditioned air to every room in the house.

Most systems are controlled by a central thermostat and depending on the system it can offer control of individual rooms, sections or the entire house.

The Benefits of Ducted Air Con

In most cases, ducted air conditioning is more expensive to install than other types of air conditioning systems, but there are many distinct and invaluable advantages that make its larger upfront installation cost completely worth it.

Ducted air conditioning allows for greater comfort and control of your entire home’s temperature.

While all air conditioning systems come with programmable settings, ducted systems are the only systems to allow for central control of your entire home’s temperature. For comparison, if you were to instead choose a split system, you would need to individually set each room you spend time in to your desired temperature and remember to turn it off and on when moving between rooms. Not only is this inefficient, it is also going to leave an uneven temperature throughout your home.

Ducted air conditioning allows for more automation of your home’s temperature.

The benefit of a ducted unit having a central control system doesn’t end with a more even temperature throughout your home, it also allows you align your entire homes temperature with your daily routine. Thanks again to your air conditioning system’s singular central control unit, you only need to automate your settings once and your home’s air conditioning will warm up or cool down at set times or turn off when you are out and about. This would be more difficult with a split system.

Ducted air conditioning allows for better energy efficiency.

Simply put, there is no competition between the energy efficiency of a ducted system and any other type of air conditioning unit. It can be easily explained through the analogy a light bulb and how it consumes power. If you are walking between rooms, opening doors, switching off individual units, like turning a light bulb on and off while reading, it will use more energy due to constant surges. It’s more energy-efficient to maintain a steady temperature throughout your home, and this can only be achieved with a ducted system.

Ducted air conditioning is silent when operating.

Another benefit of ducted systems is that unlike a split system, there is no internal unit. All the noisy components are placed outside and inside the roof space. This makes it a perfect solution for use in bedrooms or basically anywhere in the house without causing disturbances or noise.

How does ducted air con add value to a property?

  1. Climate Control Increases Liveability:

For potential buyers (or renters) of your home, they’ll likely want to ensure their own comfort throughout all of the seasons of the year. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system ensures that the home can be kept cool in summer and warmed in winter.

  1. Smart Technology Integration Boosts Property Appeal:

Home technology is progressing at a phenomenal rate. By incorporating some clever modern technology into your home you can add further value to the property. For example, you can use app-controlled zoning control and other smart-home technology that works in sync with your ducted air con.

  1. A Long-lasting System Offers Long-term Security

Potential home buyers want to know that they’re getting value for money and a ducted air con system offers just that reassurance. With professionally installed high quality units often lasting 15 years or more, there’s a lot of peace of mind that comes with purchasing a home that’s already set up with ducted air con.

  1. Comfort Signifies a Quality Investment

People, especially in the context of purchasing a home, value comfort. They want a home that feels homely (which is why real estate agents often use smells such as freshly baked cookies as a subtle influencing factor during home opens). Ducted air conditioning reassures potential buyers that your house will provide them and their loved ones the physical comfort that one seeks in a new home.

  1. Energy Efficiency Saves on Future Costs:

As we mentioned above, modern ducted air cons offer extensive energy-saving benefits. The general public is a lot more aware and passionate about conserving energy uses nowadays and are looking for ways to improve sustainability. Moreover, reducing energy consumption also reduces utility bills which is a very appealing offer to a would-be buyer.

  1. Stand Out from the Crowd, Increase Demand

Up until now we’ve focused mostly on the inherent value and benefits of ducted systems. But the real impact it presents in increasing the value of your home is the effect it has on the demand side of the market. The more you are able to differentiate your house from others on the market, the more potential buyers are likely to be interested. The higher the demand and interest in your home, the higher you’re able to adjust the asking price.

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