Air Conditioner: Should you Repair or Replace?

Air Conditioner: Should you Repair or Replace?

A working air conditioner in Perth is essential. While ensuring your air con is regularly serviced to prevent issues before they arise is critical, it’s not always possible to avoid every potential problem.

If your unit isn’t working quite like it should, you might be wondering whether air conditioner repairs or an entire replacement is the way to go. In this blog, we’ll help you understand the expectations for air con longevity and recognise the signs that suggest it’s time for a replacement or the indications that you should call an air conditioner repairs provider, like our team here at Stinson Air & Solar.

How long do air conditioners last?

The average lifespan of an AC unit can vary quite significantly. With regular maintenance, you can expect a minimum of about 10 years, with the higher quality units lasting up to 30 years.

Of course, various factors can impact the longevity of your air con. Perth’s hot climate often means homes are using their air cons more frequently and for longer periods, so this can affect expected lifespan.

Using your air con unit responsibly–for example, not leaving it on unnecessarily–can help extend its working life. Much like any machine or appliance in your house, if you make the effort to understand its functionalities and best practice in use then the longer you’ll enjoy its temperature-controlling offerings.

Regular Maintenance Means Longer Lifespan

Showing your air con some regular tender love and care is a good approach to making the most of its life–quantitatively and qualitatively.

Much like servicing a car or maintaining a home, regular maintenance (every three to six months for commercial air cons and once a year for residential units) will help keep your air con running as smoothly as possible.

Quality Air Cons for Quality Temperature Control

At Stinson Air & Solar, we sell air cons and provide HVAC services for Daikin, Panasonic and Samsung units. These companies are all industry leaders with an entrenched and reliable reputation for quality units.

Cheaper units from less trusted brands can result in a shorter air con lifespan or the need for more repairs.

Professional Installation for Long-lasting Personal Comfort

One of the common issues for ineffective air cons we find providing air conditioner repairs Perth wide is that many AC units are not installed in the right place. Or they are not installed in the right way to allow for proper ventilation.

This can severely impact its lifespan and efficiency in cooling the home. Always make sure to choose a professional air con provider to avoid sweating and stressing down the line.

Repairing vs Replacing

If your air conditioner is not working quite like it should, you may be wondering whether a simple repair job or wholescale replacement is necessary. Ultimately, every situation is different and should be assessed by an air con professional.

However, there are some signs to look out for that may indicate a replacement AC is necessary.

  1. Break Downs
    If your unit is constantly or consistently breaking down, there might be something more significantly wrong with the machine itself.
  2. Rising Energy Cost
    Most households experience consistent energy costs, to a degree. Extremely volatile energy costs with sharp and sudden rises not linked to seasonal fluctuations might indicate some extensive damage.
  3. No Cold Air
    Your air con really has one job: To blow cold air. If there is no cooled air coming out of your unit at all, this could mean that the unit has passed its used by date.
  4. Noises
    Some noises are normal for an air con, whilst others are concerning. If your unit is making weird, overly unusual or suddenly noticeable noises it will likely need professional attention.
  5. Leaking Water
    Air cons should not be leaking water into your home. If this is the case, we recommend getting the Stinson Air & Solar team out as soon as possible.

Choosing when to replace your unit

While none of the above signs are necessarily nails in the coffin of your air con, they do all indicate that you should contact an air conditioner repairs provider as soon as possible.

For example, our technicians will come to your home to assess the unit and determine if it can be fixed and how much a repair will cost. In some cases, the repair bill can be so significant or almost as high as the cost of a new unit (especially as newer units are coming down in price relative to the past), that there is more value for money in a simple replacement.

Air conditioner repairs can, in some instances, simply be a band-aid solution offering a short-term reprieve from the issue. In these instances, our Stinson Air & Solar representative may suggest an investment in a new unit to avoid hassle, more repair costs, and discomfort in the near future.

Call Stinson Air & Solar for all your air conditioner repairs and questions

If your air con isn’t working like it should, don’t leave it!

Our team of professionals provide air conditioner repairs across Perth and would be happy to arrange a time to check in on your unit. We understand both how important a working air con is and the financial costs involved in large-scale repairs or entire replacements. That’s why we’ll discuss all of the options with you so that you can save money, save hassle and save yourself from enduring an unnecessarily uncomfortable summer.

To find out more about air conditioner repairs and replacements, contact us today.