What is the Ideal Air Conditioner Temperature for Electricity Savings?

Did you know that for every degree that you increase your temperature of your air conditioner in winter or decrease in summer, it changes your energy use by up to 10%?

In the Australian climate, most people are setting their air conditioning around the mid-twenty degree (Celsius) mark in Winter and the 19-20 degree mark in Summer – however slight changes to your air conditioning can actually save you money!

Constant over-cooling in buildings (especially in commercial workplaces) affects building energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and increases electricity bills.


What is the Optimal Air Conditioner Temperature?

Here at Stinson Air & Solar, we recommend operating on 21 – 22 degrees in Winter and 24 – 25 degrees in Summer to ensure maximum energy efficiency from your unit.

We also get asked about what the best temperature for sleeping is and while this is a personal preference, we have found our clients ideal temperature at night seems to be 22 degrees – however follow the above guide to reduce your energy use and costs.


Best Temperature for Air Conditioning to Save Money

Chances are, is that your air conditioning is currently set to about 22 degrees in Summer. If you change this temperature to 25 degrees, you could cut your daily air-conditioning energy consumption by over 20 per cent. This can reduce your electricity bill, contributes to protecting the planet and will still be a comfortable air conditioning temperature.
If you set your air conditioning temperature too low, such as at 20 degrees, you can stress your air conditioning system and this could cause excessive wear and tear, which will result in a shorter unit life time.

Keeping your temperate moderate will still give you relief while ensuring your air conditioning system is maintained and keeps running at an optimal performance.
As a bonus, by keeping a moderate temperature you will also contribute to reducing the chance of a power outage in your area during a heat wave, because you avoid cranking up the air conditioning!


What is the Most Energy Efficient Temperature for Air Conditioning?

As we’ve mentioned, 22 degrees in Winter and 24 degrees in Summer will ensure maximum energy efficiency from your unit. However, you should think about purchasing an energy efficient air conditioning unit in the first place!

Luckily, the Federal Government has made it really easy to see the energy efficient of your air conditioner, due to those handy energy rating labels that may be on the appliance.
The label will show a rating on a 6 star scale. The rating is determined by the energy service per unit of energy consumption, and the lower the energy consumption per unit of energy, the higher the star rating. The labels will also show an estimate of the appliance’s annual energy consumption in KWh/year.

Just remember, while you will spend less money in electricity costs if you use an energy efficient appliance, this is a long-term saving which you may not notice on a day-to-day basis.
For optimal efficiency you should also ensure the space you are trying to cool or heat is properly sealed and insulated. You don’t want to unnecessarily push your air conditioner unit to work harder to reach the temperature you require.


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