How often do I clean my air conditioning filter and how is best to do it?

These are questions we have been asked many times over the years, so in summary this is our opinion on how often and how best to clean your air conditioning filter.

How Often do I clean my air conditioners filter? Well we do recommend at least a yearly maintenance of your air conditioning system which can be arranged through Stinson Air or Stinson Air South West and your filter will be cleaned at this service, but once a year will not be enough. We recommend you clean your filter every 3 months for standard domestic use and if running all day every day (as per many commercial applications) we recommend it be done every month.

How do I best clean my air conditioners filter (ducted systems)? Some people vacuum their filters but I still believe the best way to clean your air conditioning filter (was how I was taught as an apprentice many years ago) with water and is as follows. Firstly remove your filter from the frame by sliding it out, if the frame is also covered in dust it is a good idea to remove that and give it a hose down as well. With your garden hose first hose the clean side of the filter aiming the water directly into the filter (at a 90′ angle) starting at the top and in a sideways motion, gradually working down to the bottom. Next turn so that the dirty side is showing, repeat the process as per the clean side but this time on a about a 60′ downwards angle so that any remaining dirt is pushed of the filter with the water run off, rather than into the filter. Give one last eye over the entire filter and repeat spray to any stubborn spots. I would then lightly tap top and bottom of filter (both sides) against the ground and then lean against a wall (in the sun if possible) on a 45′ angle and let excess water drain. Leave for 20 minutes and then return to frame. For wall mounted split systems air filters, these can be done with your hose or in the kitchen sink.

The more often you clean your filter the more economical your system will be and the more effective it will work. Remember as each new season approaches and it is Spring in a few days, it is a great reminder to clean that air conditioning filter! If there is anything you are unsure about call Stinson Air and Solar, we are here to help.