Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning

panasonic air conditioning perth We highly rate Panasonic air conditioners and we consider their products to be in the top 2 of available products in their market, we have always loved their whisper quiet operation, great performance specifications and fantastic after sales support which here in WA is fantastic. We will let Panasonic tell you a little bit more about themselves:

Panasonic makes designing a ducted air conditioning system easy with their range of discreet ducted solutions. Suitable for home use as well as medium-sized buildings like offices and restaurants, the Panasonic ducted system is designed with flexibility in mind.

With easy to use controls, basic settings like on/off, temperature adjustment, operation mode, and fan speed adjustment are all at your fingertips. The Panasonic system also allows you to control detailed settings like weekly timers and zoning to allow complete flexibility in which rooms you heat or cool.


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Panasonic Ducted and Split System Air Conditioning


Energy Efficiency

Reduces your power bill and benefit the environment with Panasonic’s highly efficient R410A refrigerant, DC Inverter and DC fan motor.

Quiet Operation

Panasonic ducted systems are amongst the quietest in the world, so you can enjoy the comfort of running your air conditioner at night and still have a relaxing sleep.

Designed for the Australian Environment

Panasonic Air Conditioners

Our ducted systems have efficient cooling operation possible even when it is a scorching 46ºC outside, which is perfect for Australia’s hot summer days. Heating operation is designed to operate even in -20ºC.

Cold Draft Reduction in Winter

Clever sensor technology allows airflow to enter the room only after it has been warme. This great feature reduces cold drafts during start-up, which are a common unwanted side effect of ducted air conditioning systems.

5 Year Warranty

Panasonic air conditioners are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are backed by a full 5 year parts and labour warranty.

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