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MyPlace is the latest in home comfort and air conditioning innovation from Australian brand, Advantage Air.

Being comfortable in your home all year round has never been easier with the complete MyPlace Home Hub. 



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MyPlace Through MyAir Makes Your Air Conditioner Smarter

The MyAir function in our opinion is the first upgrade every home owner should make to their ducted air conditioning system. There are three main reasons why we suggest this:

1. Comfort

The MyAir controller allows you to adjust the airflow in 5% increments to very zone in the home. With this technology there are no more complaints that one room is too cold or too warm, or that one is OK in the morning sun but cold in the afternoon shade, etc. The MyAir makes your family more comfortable.

2. Energy Efficiency

The MyAir controller will eventually pay for itself by making your air conditioner run more efficiently. There will be a lot less over conditioning of rooms due to the comfort control and this in turn will allow your system to cycle off or ‘rest’ more often. MyAir reduces running costs.

3. The Wow Features

Advantage Air home automation MyPlace Controller

Read on to learn more about how MyPlace can control lighting, garage doors, blinds and more in your home. As well as that learn more about the benefits of utilising your MyPlace controller as your Home Hub and of the luxury of remote control of your technology through the MyPlace app. MyPlace is very cool!

MyPlace Makes Smart Home Technology Simple & Becomes Your Home Hub

The MyAir/MyPlace control is a touchscreen tablet, so it looks like an iPad Mini and is just as easy to use; simply swipe and tap.

The touchscreen can be loaded with your favourite home apps that control devices in your home like security, reticulation, solar monitoring and more. Load your favourite music streaming service, family calendar, recipe apps and more. With the MyPlace touchscreen you can manage every aspect of your air-conditioning and your home.

And unlike your phone or iPad, the control panel is wired in so it never needs recharging and it never goes walkabout!

Advantage Air MyPlace MyAir Home Automation

MyPlace is an Australian designed and manufactured integrated smart home system. The MyPlace control panel and app make life easier by giving you remote control over your:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Lights
  • Garage Doors
  • Blinds
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Ceiling Fans

In fact any compatible 240 volt home appliances can be controlled – worldwide!

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MyPlace Makes Smart Home Technology Simple

The MyAir control comes with its own MyPlace app, which effectively turns every smartphone or tablet in your house into a wireless remote control. It works through your home data network on both Apple and Android devices. A reliable, easy-to-use integrated systems which gives you peace of mind when you are not home and provides comfort when you are in. 

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