Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Seasonal preventative air conditioning service & maintenance

Let Stinson Air & Solar take care of your annual seasonal maintenance for your air conditioning system. Why is it so important to have a regular air conditioning service? Here’s 3 of the main reasons why:

  • Energy efficiency and minimising the impact on your electricity bill
    An air conditioning system that is not properly maintained with dirty filters, condenser and evaporator coils has vastly reduced performance and massively increased running costs. For example an outdoor condenser that is 10% blocked with dust and leaves will lose approximately 10% efficiency from your system, which will cost approximately an extra 10% to run.
  • Extend the life of your system
    All too often we have past clients that neglect their system with no maintenance and then 5 – 7 years post install, after the warranty has lapsed we have major breakdowns. The reason for most of these breakdowns is because the system is working harder than it should due to a lack of seasonal maintenance. With proper maintenance a systems life span should be well over 15 years.
  • The health of your home and family
    Without proper maintenance bacteria and mould can form inside fan coil units, condensers, drain systems and drain pans as well as in air filters. Without correct cleaning and replacement of air filters when required you can be circulating, dust, mites and bacteria throughout your home.



Comprehensive annual seasonal maintenance visit

Ducted system$225 inc gst ($195 with Gelair not included)

  • Yearly reminder/automatically book your air conditioning service
  • Clean return air grille and filter
  • Hose out condenser coils, and clear coil obstructions.
  • Flush drain lines and pans
  • Deodorize and sanitize air conditioning duct, evaporator coil and the air passing through it, with a Gelair air conditioning block
  • Check integrity of ductwork, ensure no sagging or tears and correct as required.
  • Inspect electrical is safe, remove dust, debris, insects etc from near PCBs as required.
  • Check refrigeration charge and temperature readings.
  • Correct operation checks


What is Gelair?

Environmentally friendly, natural products help to prevent health effects caused by harmful micro-organisms such as allergies and respiratory illnesses.

It’s the simplest way to stop mould and bacteria that infest your air conditioner and the room it services.

  • Main ingredient is 100% natural Australian Tea Tree Oil- a powerful broad spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent, killing mold and bacteria (including Legionella) and viruses.
  • Simple to install. Needs no additional energy to operate. Lasts up to three months.
  • Kills mould and stops their odours as well as killing bacteria with no resistance issues
  • Stops the replication of viruses (including HSV & H1N1).
  • Treats the air, the ducts and the room – called 360-degree treatment.
  • Results in clean air and happy occupants.


Optional mid-year maintenance visit

Ducted system – mid year filter and condenser clean option $165 inc GST

Want to make sure your air conditioning system gets proper care in between annual visits and can’t trust yourself that you will remember to give your system some love? Add a mid year air conditioning service to your maintenance program and sit back and relax.

  • 6 Monthly Reminder
  • Deodorize Fancoil
  • Wash Filter
  • Wash Condenser

Ducted evaporative cooling system – seasonal maintenance visit $165 inc gst per system
Includes cleaning of water distribution system, cooling pads flushed, basin emptied and cleaned and all electrical, safety, pump and operation checks completed.

Wall or ceiling mounted split system – seasonal maintenance visit $165 inc gst per fan coil unit
Includes cleaning of condenser coil and air filters, drain flush, deodorize evaporator coil, electrical and safety checks, remove dust and insects etc from PCBs as required, check refrigeration charge and correct operation checks.

More than one air conditioner?
Have an additional air conditioning system maintained at the same visit and save- ask us today!


Download the Stinson Air & Solar Conditioning Maintenance brochure



How to register for our seasonal preventative maintenance plan

Call the team at Stinson Air & Solar Solutions on 9444 6744 or fill in the below form to sign up to our maintenance plan calendar, where you will receive an obligation free once a year (or 6 monthly) call up for routine maintenance. No contracts!


Maintenance Request Form

  • Standard Service Pricing as follows: Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems: $225.00 per service plus $135 each additional unit. Split Systems & Evaporative: $165.00 per service plus $75.00 each additional unit.
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