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Daikin Logo The Daikin Air Conditioning Difference

Daikin Air are widely regarded as the world leaders in air conditioning and we are proud to be authorised Daikin Air Conditioner specialists for Perth and the South West. Daikin has recognised our professionalism and great customer service every year for a decade.

Looking for an exceptional air conditioning brand? Why not choose Daikin!

Here are some of the key reasons we recommend Daikin air conditioner systems:

  • Exceptional quality at a competitive price.
  • Overall running costs are lower than other air conditioner systems and will often last up to twice as long.
  • Over 90 years of applying world leading Japanese technologies in air conditioning research and development –
    Daikin’s commitment to R & D has resulted in the largest range of high quality, technically sophisticated products in the industry. Daikin Air Conditioning By Stinson Air
  • They are leaders in air conditioner energy efficiency; with great innovations such as  ‘intelligent eyes’, which can detect an empty room and automatically make energy saving adjustments.
  • Daikin provide superb after sales service and a genuine 5 year warranty.
  • Asthma Foundation endorsed – Daikin are the only air conditioning company endorsed by the Asthma Foundation for their range of air conditioners, filters and air purifiers.

Did you know that you can use the ‘My Air’ home hub to control your Daikin ducted air conditioner from your phone or tablet, anywhere, any time! Let us show you how – contact us today!

Our Daikin Systems:

Stinson Air & Solar works with only the best in air conditioning

Daikin Air Conditioners Perth This means you can absolutely trust that our Daikin products, after sales support and warranties are of the highest quality. We highly recommend Daikin air conditioning systems but we are also well aware that other manufacturers have products that are also fantastic for specific needs.

We will only recommend a specific air conditioner system when they are the best fit for your personalised air conditioning needs

Make sure you install the perfect air conditioning for you and your home – contact our experienced team to uncover which system and solution is best for you. 

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