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For over a decade, Stinson Air South West has been providing Dunsborough residents with reliable solar panel solutions and installations.

Our team experienced team of rooftop solar specialists is ready to help you tap into the sun’s power, making your home more energy-efficient while reducing your environmental impact. Discover how our tailored solar services can help reduce your energy bills and improve your Dunsborough home’s future in a sustainable way.

If you are looking at a rooftop for your home or business look no further than Stinson Air and Solar South West. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff today.

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Why choose Stinson as your Dunsborough rooftop solar provider?

Our management team has over 60 years of experience providing unrivalled service to Western Australians, over which time we have had the pleasure to work with thousands of homeowners and Dunsborough’s top building companies.

They trust us because we exclusively utilise premium products and components, ensuring each rooftop solar installation adheres to a stringent quality control system.

Our dedicated team at Stinson Air South West are local residents who understand the unique requirements of your Dunsborough home or business. Leveraging their local knowledge, they will tailor a solar system that exceeds all your expectations. Our consultative approach allows us to thoroughly understand your energy needs, whether you’re looking for a compact solar panel setup or a comprehensive rooftop solar solution. We have you covered.

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How to Maximise Your Rooftop Solar System Down South

  • Planned Usage: Use electricity at times when your solar system is producing electricity. This might include using the timers on devices, such as your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher or pool pumps, to make sure they are only working when your power production is peaking during the day.
  • Air Conditioning: Set a timer on your air conditioner so that it comes on before you get home to cool your home down and then reduce your usage as the night goes on.
  • Energy Efficient: Purchase energy-efficient home appliances. Install energy-efficient lighting – ask us about My Lights that can be installed to your existing or new home.
  • Home Cooling: Shade East and West windows from the sun with good window furnishings or even plant a shady tree– these will prevent heat gain in summer and reduce air-con use. Perhaps add a roof extraction fan to remove heat from the hot ceiling space.
  • Upgrades: Upgrade your air conditioning system, did you know that a 10-year-old system can easily be only half as efficient as a new model?
  • Insulation: Make sure your home has effective ceiling insulation.

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Dunsborough’s experts in Residential Solar

Residential solar systems in Dunsborough typically consist of rooftop solar panels and an inverter to convert the generated energy into usable electricity. The strategic positioning of solar panels on your home’s roof captures maximum sunlight, allowing for more efficient energy production while maintaining your property’s aesthetics.

In our sunny state, a residential solar system will easily meet your home’s electricity needs, including powering common living areas such as the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, as well as any devices you would typically expect to power (While reducing your energy bills significantly). The size of your home and energy consumption will determine the ideal solar system capacity, and that is where our talented solar specialists can offer a unique perspective from their years of local industry experience.

Residential Solar

Dunsborough’s Commercial Solar Specialists

Often larger than their residential counterparts, Commercial solar systems in Dunsborough will include an array of solar panels and an inverter to convert all that generated power into usable electricity for your business. By placing solar panels on the roof or other available spaces of your commercial property, you can enjoy passive energy production while maintaining a professional appearance externally.

Commercial solar systems are ideal for reducing operating costs and while meeting the electricity demands of various facilities, such as commercial offices, large warehouses, and modern retail spaces.

The size of your commercial solar system will come down to the size of your property and the energy requirements of your business. At Stinson Air South West in Dunsborough, we can assist you in optimising your commercial solar system so you generate as much power as possible with the space you have available.

Commercial Solar

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