Brad Stinson Podcast; Solar Technology Explained

The Perth Property Show Podcast

Brad Stinson joins Trent Fleskens, Managing Director of Strategic Property Group and Strategic Settlements on The Perth Property Show; a podcast by WA experts for WA listeners.

The informative chat dives into solar technology and how the onset of battery tech will change the way we value and design our homes. Brad shares some history and also an explanation on the economics of solar installation in 2020.

Solar Power Providing ROI

Tune in for the first 5 minutes for solar power insights, like how technology is driving the price coming down, making it possible to pay off your investment in 2 years. Added to this, solar battery technology can be making you money while you are not even home!

Tesla Technology is Now Here

From 6:34 Brad starts delving into the exciting topic of Tesla technology. Stinson Air and Solar have just signed the contracts to start installing the Tesla Powerwall in Perth homes, which can result in a 95% bill reduction! Tie this in with the future of EV vehicles and the shared technology and we now have our homes and cars sharing the power in a sustainable way.

With an exciting time ahead of us, Stinson Air & Solar are leading the way with the latest in air conditioning and solar power, smart home technology, and now Tesla technology to take us into the homes of the future!


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