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Advantage Air MyPlace Home Automation

The MyPlace Home Hub is engineered to make every day life easier. Relax in comfort with your air conditioning, lights, fans, blinds and even garage door controls at your fingertips – at home or anywhere in the world!

Here are some of the ways that the home automation can make you more comfortable and more secure.

Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

  • MyPlace Home Automation  

    Smart Home

    MyPlace turns your home
    into a smart home.

    MyPlace can control most things that are 240 volt hard-wired, so the choice becomes yours.

  • MyLights Home Automation


    You feel safer when you can see.

    With MyPlace. one touch of MyWelcome lets you turn on all the lights you’d like to come home to; or tap MyGoodbye to turn off all the lights when you leave.

  • MyAir Home Automation

    Air Con

    Come home to comfort year round with MyAir, our premium, reverse cycle, smart air conditioning management system with up to 10 zones and individual room airflow control.


The MyAir remote control can be operated from multiple devices. You can use your mobile with Advantage Air’s MyPlace app or the 8-inch colour Android tablet that comes with the installation. This home automation is all run on your home WiFi, or via mobile data on your smartphone. 

What can MyPlace do for My Home?

Advantage Air My Place Tablet

MyPlace is flexible, as the MyAir or MyPlace remote controlled system is custom tailored to suit your home and lifestyle. MyPlace makes home automation smart technology affordable by working with existing items in your home, such as air conditioning, lights, motorised blinds, garage doors and so much more!

You can set “Groups” which controls multiple areas in one place. For example, your living room, or your kitchen and dining area. The app also allows you to create “scenes” in which you pre-define your preferred light and air settings for particular lifestyle scenario’s, like movie nights, dinner parties, children’s night lighting, and more.

Here are a few situations that you can picture with a MyPlace remote controlled Smart Home:

  • Tap MyWelcome to turn on your lights and air conditioning before you get home
  • It’s easy to forget to close the garage door. MyPlace will let you know if you forget and you can close it from anywhere with a simple tap!
  • Instantly have all the lights turn on, if there is a disturbance at night
  • Relax on holiday and turn on your lights and open/close the blinds to look like you are at home
  • And so much more- ask us now

Advantage Air MyPlace MyAir MyLights Home Automation

MyPlace is an Australian designed and manufactured integrated smart home automation system. The MyPlace control panel and app make life easier by giving you remote control over your:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Lights
  • Garage Doors
  • Blinds
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • Ceiling Fans

In fact any compatible 240 volt home appliances can be controlled – worldwide!

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Energy Efficiency with MyLights

Even at 100% brightness, LEDs are incredibly energy efficient compared to halogen lights. On top of these already efficient bulbs, there is the added option of the MyEco function, built into the MyLights system. When activated, this feature automatically dims all lights to 80% brightness. This won’t be very noticeable; however you’ll notice a big difference on your electricity bill!

Build and Warranty

As a local company, Advantage Air locally designs all their components to suit Australian weather conditions. On top of this, you can rest assured that your home automation system will stand the test of time, with a 10-year warranty on ducting and mechanical components, and 5 years on electronic components.

Download the MyPlace app

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Your Local MyPlace and MyAir Experts

Thinking about making your home smart? Stinson Air & Solar are your local specialist dealer in MyPlace and MyAir. Talk to us about creating a connected and energy efficient environment for your home. 

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