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Stinson Air and Solar South West are your local Dunsborough Air conditioning and Solar Specialists!

If you are looking at a new split system, ducted system or custom air solution for your home or business look no further than Stinson Air and Solar South West. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff today.

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Why choose Stinson as your Dunsborough air conditioning specialist

Our Dedicated team at Stinson South West are local residents who know what is best for your southwest home or business. Using that local knowledge to provide you with the system that will tick all of your needs. Our consultative approach means we get to know your heating and cooling needs. Whether you need to single split system or a ducted system. We have you covered.

Stinson South West are also specialists in new home installations, working with some of the biggest builders in Australia we work seamlessly with your builder to design and install your new aircon prior to handover. This allows for a smoother installation, and optimal vent and unit placement. if you would like to find out more about our process get in touch with one of our staff today

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Premium Products. Premium Components. Premium Service

At Stinson Air South West we focus on using premium products for anything that we do, whether that’s Daikin, Panasonic or Samsung. Then paired with premium components, and for us the advantage air gear which includes the myplace, my air suite of products – there is no better products money can buy.

Whether you want an advanced zone comfort control system or air conditioning for specific rooms, we have the perfect air conditioning technology in our extensive product range which includes; wall mounted split systems, multi split systems, ducted evaporative coolers or ducted reverse cycle air conditioners.


Dunsborough’s experts in Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning systems usually include 2 components, an indoor and outdoor unit. The separation of these units with one placed outside, works to the benefit of cooling, allowing more powerful air circulation while offering less noise. Split systems are perfect for heating or cooling single rooms or a specific area of your home such as combined living, dining, kitchen area. The size of these areas will dictate the size of the unit required.

Split systems

Dunsborough’s Ducted Air Conditioning Specialists

A reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system is one of the most popular Dunsborough home solutions, due to its ultimate climate control across an entire house. It is a solution that targets every room in your house with even air distribution, providing both cooling and heating. A central temperature unit is used to manage this, and most come with timers and other useful features that make climate control a breeze. With no visible units inside the house, apart from grills in your ceiling, many prefer the aesthetics of this solution. Our clients often comment that ducted air is the quietest & most comfortable they have experienced.

Ducted systems

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