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Whether you are in the market for a new air conditioning system or looking to have your current system maintained, you are beginning a journey that could either cost or save you thousands.

There is so much more to an air conditioning system than meets the eye, from space limitations, installation logistics, energy consumption and countless competing products. That is why you need an air conditioner specialist you can trust to assist you to make the right choice between a ducted or split system and even what brand to choose. 

How about a team that prides itself on honesty, customer retention, and genuine customer relationships. Stinson Air & Solar is nearing 30 years in WA’s air-conditioning industry and has built a model of industry-leading values, quality control and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Why not take a look at our reviews on Google? With an exceptional 4.8/5 rating from almost 100 happy customers, you can expect quality service with Stinson Air & Solar. 

If you are interested in learning what sets Stinson Air & Solar apart from the competition you can read all about our story using the link below.

Our Testimonials

Customer Satisfaction Everytime

With over 25 years of award-winning experience in designing, installing, and servicing top-quality custom air conditioning and rooftop solar systems. Stinson Air & Solar are proud to be the first choice in air and solar for Western Australia’s leading builders.

Our Testimonials

Tried & True Installation Process

Our air conditioning process begins with a conversation that continues beyond the moment we hand over a completely quality-controlled air conditioning system that you feel confident to operate.

Beyond handover, we are always available to answer any questions and provide timely, complete after-sales service and support.

Our installation process

Industry Leading Quality Control

We use our industry-leading 28 Point Quality Control System to ensure that our installs are performed to the highest standard of any air conditioning specialist in WA. ‘Average’ is simply not good enough for Stinson Air & Solar.

Our 28 Point Quality Control System

Which air conditioning service are you interested in?

Choose the right air-conditioning system for your home

Talk to one of our experts and they’ll help you design the perfect system to suit your existing home. We’ll match the right powered unit to the number of rooms and size of your house so you’ll never waste energy or money.

Talk to an air conditioning specialist

Split System Air Conditioning Units

Split system air conditioning systems usually include 2 components, an indoor and outdoor unit. The separation of these units with one placed outside, works to the benefit of cooling, allowing more powerful air circulation while offering less noise. Split systems are perfect for heating or cooling single rooms or a specific area of your home such as combined living, dining, kitchen area. The size of these areas will dictate the size of the unit required.

Split System Air Conditioning Units

Fujitsu Split System Air conditioning System Installed by Perth Air-conditioning System Specialist Stinson Air & Solar Fujitsu Split System Air conditioning System Installed by Perth Air-conditioning System Specialist Stinson Air & Solar
Samsung ducted air conditioning Perth Samsung ducted air conditioning Perth

Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning Units

A reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system is one of the most popular Perth home solutions, due to its ultimate climate control across an entire house. It is a solution that targets every room in your house with even air distribution, providing both cooling and heating. A central temperature unit is used to manage this, and most come with timers and other useful features that make climate control a breeze. With no visible units inside the house, apart from grills in your ceiling, many prefer the aesthetics of this solution. Our clients often comment that ducted air is the quietest & most comfortable they have experienced!

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Air-conditioning system design for Perth’s new and established homes

It’s never too early to be thinking about the heating & cooling systems you’ll have in your new home. We specialise in the design and installation of customised air conditioning systems for new homes being built in Perth.

The air conditioning specialists that Perth’s top home builders trust.

We work with Perth’s most reputable home builder’s including;

  • Dale Alcock Homes
  • Celebration Homes
  • Webb & Brown-Neaves
  • Coast Homes
  • Tricrest Constructions
  • Dorrington Homes
  • Niche Living
  • Atrium Homes

Looking to have a residential air conditioning system installed?

The Stinson Air and Solar team is here to help you install an air conditioning system into your home, whether you need to replace your current unit or install a new one. We offer a free consultation to get to know your home and if any specific requirements are needed

We’ll design & install the perfect air conditioning system to suit your home.

Talk to one of our experts and they’ll help you design the perfect system to suit your planned or existing home. We’ll match the right powered unit to the number of rooms and size of your house so you’ll never waste energy or money heating and cooling your home.

Install an air conditioning system in a new home

Install an air conditioning system in an established home

We install and maintain air conditioning systems from premium brands

With every premium air conditioner system manufacturer having different strengths, it has become hard to decide on an air conditioning unit that is right for your home. We want you to feel confident you made the right choice! That is why Stinson Air & Solar have spent decades gaining knowledge and experience so we can offer the best products and the best advice to customers looking for the most efficient and affordable system for their homes. We are the air conditioning specialists.

Daikin conditioners supplied by Perth Air Conditioning specialist, Stinson Air

As a Daikin Super Dealer, we’ve also won the prestigious Club Daikin award most years, making us part of a top percentage of specialist Daikin dealers in Australia. If you’re considering Daikin, our specialists will certainly be able to advise on the right product to suit your requirements.

Daikin Air-Conditioners


Famous for its wide variety of innovative technology, Samsung is highly regarded with their high-tech, affordable, and efficient air conditioning systems. Our staff have even personally visited Samsung’s R & D lab and factory in Korea and came away impressed. If you need any advice on Samsung systems, we can help – we’re recognised as a quality WA dealership.

Samsung Air-Conditioners

Panasonic conditioning Systems supplied by Perth Air Conditioning specialist, Stinson Air & Solar

With global experience in air conditioning units, Panasonic’s strong reputation can be summarised in two ways: quiet and efficient systems, combined with exceptional service.
We have been a specialist Panasonic dealer since 2012 and are qualified to help you evaluate your options across the Panasonic range.

Panasonic Air-Conditioners

Advantage Air conditioning Systems supplied by Perth Air Conditioning specialist, Stinson Air

The next generation of innovation comes with the Advantage Air MyPlace offering. With a touch screen hub, you can control and manage every aspect of your air conditioning through WiFi technology. With air conditioner zone control for reduced energy consumption, and many more smart features, this affordable technology will surprise you!

The Experts In Commercial Air Conditioning Projects

Commercial Air condition systems for Perth businesses

We love a challenging commercial air conditioning or solar project and provide customised solutions for a range of light commercial projects.

Stinson Air & Solar has installed commercial air conditioning systems all over Western Australia, with many installations in Perth, as well as regional installations as far a field as Port Hedland, Karratha, Esperance and even Christmas Island. Providing professional air conditioning installation to all our customers.

We are air conditioning specialists with expertise that extends across the spectrum of residential and light commercial development projects.

Commercial Air Conditioning Projects

Perth’s frequently asked air-conditioner related questions

What’s the difference between standard vs premium inverters?
Standard Inverters

Standard inverters operate once the room reaches your desired temperature. Limited inverted technology then maintains this temperature for uninterrupted comfort and more efficient operation.

Premium inverters

Premium inverters continually adjust their cooling and heating capacity to suit room temperature. They reach the desired temperature faster, and adjust their energy consumption to maintain that temperature. Find out more about inverter air conditioning here. 

What temperatures do you recommend I set my air conditioning?

We recommend operating on 22 degrees in winter and 24 degrees in summer. Every degree that you increase in winter or decrease in summer changes your energy efficiency use by 10%.

What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

Reverse cycle systems are refrigerated systems with a reversing valve that changes the direction the refrigerant gas travels in your system. In cooling mode, hot air is pumped outside, and in heating mode the hot air is pumped inside. These systems also have a dry mode to remove moisture from humid air, and a fan mode, which is great for circulating and cleaning air on milder days. Find out more about reverse cycle air conditioning here.

What is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

This is the ultimate air conditioning system providing total comfort throughout your whole home. We customise the reverse cycle air conditioning system to meet your needs, with a variety of diffusion options and advanced zone (comfort) control options. The indoor unit and flexible ductwork is concealed above the ceiling. Conditioned air is delivered to each room through a ceiling vent. The condensing unit is outside in a suitable location.

What if I have respiratory conditions like asthma or hay fever?

All Stinson Air & Solar premium ducted reverse cycle systems have a Purtech triple-layered electrostatic filter installed as standard. These filters catch up to 30% more dust particles than standard single layered filters. The Daikin range of wall mounted split systems and air purifiers are the only systems endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia. Their excellent multiple air filtration systems are fantastic at expelling microscopic dust particles and odours and deactivating air-borne bacteria and viruses.

What are wall mounted split system air conditioners?

A wall mounted split systems air conditioning unit can be installed almost anywhere with no need for ductwork. They provide air conditioning to a single zone and are available in cooling only or reverse cycle. We select a system to suit your room size and décor. We would love to show you our range of awesome options including very sleek designs to compliment the coolest interiors. We can also recommend WiFi enabled systems controllable from anywhere. Find out more about split system air conditioning here.

What are my other air conditioning options?

The team at Stinson Air & Solar are the Perth air conditioning specialists and can show you lots of other options as part of our complimentary air conditioning design consultation for your new air conditioner. These include: evaporative air conditioning, ceiling cassettes, floor mounted split systems, mini bulkhead ducted systems, air purifiers, commercial ventilation systems and many more. We work with all major brands Contact us to discuss your options.