Quality Control + Quality Components + Quality Installers = More Efficient Air Conditioner

A basic equation but one that in my opinion is missing from the majority of installs performed throughout Perth and Western Australia. When a unit is installed correctly with duct suspended and cut to length you get a more efficient system (in many cases a badly installed system will be more than 20% less efficient). Less restrictions on ductwork and the correctly sized duct and components in your home’s air conditioning system means less static pressure inside your systems air paths which means more litres of air per second out of your system. This then means a cooler (or warmer in heating) home quicker and less running costs saving your hip pocket! If you pay full price for your new system, do you only want it working at 80%?

Check out some photos from a few of our projects as we quality control each ducted reverse cycle install and we use the best components and believe we have the best installers in WA.