Give your air conditioner a birthday! Or should we say an Xmas present!

Hi everyone, well what a wild start to summer we have had hot dry weather, steamy tropical weather and winter like rain and storms… and it has only just started!

If you are like us and most people what a crazy time of year, all the Xmas parties, present buying, school winding up and all the other social functions to keep up with – it’s hard work.

You probably not even had a chance to think about air conditioning maintenance, but you should, as it is about to get a good work out, so it also needs a little Xmas cheer and love.

What can you do? Well if you have not already booked a pre summer maintenance visit then the best thing you can do is give it a bit of love yourself. There are two things that will really help, firstly give you filters another clean and why not take the grille out also, hose both out (see our video in this blog for further advice), leave to dry and replace. Also the other thing your air conditioner will really appreciate is a hose out of the outside condenser coil. Turn of the power at the outdoor unit or circuit breaker and hose out the aluminium coil at the back and side – there are drain holes at the bottom so don’t worry the water will all drain away, air is being drawn through this coil and sucking in dust and leaves etc. Did you know that if this coil is 10% blocked you will lose approximately 10% of your units efficiency and so on.

Go on give your air conditioner some Xmas love, it will repay you with it’s own love – quicker cooling and a cheaper power bill!!