Have solar prices gone up in Perth and WA in 2018, do I still get a rebate or subsidy?

We get asked questions often about how the solar rebates, feed in tariffs etc, how they work and if they are still in place. 

When you purchase a rooftop solar system for your home or business you maybe entitled to the STC credit rebate which does assist in saving often thousands of dollars of the price of your system, many household systems may save lets say three thousand dollars of the price of their system because of this.

What happens on Jan 1 of each year (and it started Jan 1, 2017) is that the STC rebate system reduces by 1/15th every year, so effectively as of 1st Jan 2018 we have now lost 2/15th of the value of that rebate – so in the $3000 example we are losing $200 a year in the rebate value.

So, in another 13 years this rebate will not exist anymore. However, solar being a technology and not a resource, continues to be cheaper to manufacture and in our opinion we think that these savings should help to possibly keep prices about where they are for many years to come, whilst electricity prices (generally linked to natural resources) will continue to rise.

Right now with solar panels approximately 95% cheaper than they were back in 2006, it is a fantastic time to invest in your home and the environment for great savings by installing roof top solar.

Please contact us anytime to learn more about these STCs, maybe feed in tariffs, or anything about solar or batteries that we may be able to assist you with.

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