Introducing Zena – Sleek, Stylish and Efficient

Stinson Air & Solar are proud to introduce the newest member to the Daikin air conditioning family – the Zena designer series. Designed to impress, this is one air conditioner that really emphasises style, on top of the usual effectiveness of the Daikin air conditioners.

Zena air conditioning perth

Utilising The Latest Technology…

Those in the Zena series have a focus on providing an optimal user experience. Built-in WiFi means that you can easily control the temperature of your home or office at the touch of a button on your smartphone, no matter where you are!

Daikin has also worked hard to improve their energy efficiency even further with their latest product, with a 5.5 star rating energy performance (25 Class) meaning that you can remain comfortable all summer long without the fear of large power bills coming your way. Lastly, the Flash Streamer Technology decomposes bacteria and mould absorbed on the filter, ensuring that the air you and your family breathe is as clean and healthy as possible, with minimal servicing needed.

Air Conditioners, Redesigned

Zena by Daikin In Black

At a glance, the biggest difference of the Zena Designer Series compared to standard air conditioners is the sleek, black finish that’s available as one of the colour options. It turns the normal white box into a statement piece on your wall with the black wood texture, working well for houses and offices styled with a modern aesthetic.

If you still can’t go past the cleanness of a white air conditioner to blend into your walls, there is still a more subtle white hair line colour to choose from.

The Technical Information

To top it off, Zena air conditioners come with the following:

  • Grid eye sensor
  • Coanda airflow
  • Vertical airflow
  • 0.5 degrees Celcius temperature control
  • Up to 6.0kW with an additional 90 Class

What does this mean? That Zena is one powerful, efficient product.

Zena by Daikin in White

If you’re looking for an air conditioner that only works great, but looks stylish and modern, you really can’t go past the Zena Designer Series by Daikin. Contact Stinson Air & Solar to see how we can enhance your home or office with the newest, stunning Zena air conditioner range.