How many ducted reverse cycle air conditioners does my home need?

Some of our clients are unsure about how many air conditioners to install in their home if they are building or own a larger than average home. With over 80% of homes, especially single storey homes we would generally recommend the one ducted reverse cycle system. However with larger homes the answer is not always so simple.

Here are some points to consider:

  • One larger systems main advantage is cost and this is why it is popular as it generally does help with a lot of people’s budgets.
  • One downside of installing 1 x larger system, if having to install a commercial sized system can be noise. The larger the unit the noisier it will be so we have to be extra careful about where to locate larger units. Often they can not be installed in preferred locations due to this issue.
  • A great benefit of installing multiple systems is energy efficiency and comfort ( and reduced outdoor noise). An example is this are installing 2 x ducted systems, 1 doing the bedrooms and 1 the living areas, so that when only using one system running costs are greatly reduced, but there is still the option to start both systems up in extreme weather. Another example maybe to use one small ducted system to condition the main bedroom, ensuite and wir and then one (or more systems) for the rest of the home. This is a good design for those large home with only 2 people living in them. It is great for the energy efficiency at night (sleeping)time when only running 1 x small system rather than 1 x large or extra large system! The ultimate example of multiple units is a VRV type system, this is simply just a series of multiple small ducted (or other type) units connected up to 1 or more outdoor units, so for example every bedroom or living room in the home can have it’s own indoor unit and thermostat, thus having ultimate control over comfort and energy use in the home. These types of systems do cost more in installation but benefits are reaped  throughout the life of the home. This is a great option for luxury homeowners and commercial situations.
  • Another time when multiple systems may be required is in existing larger homes. Due to a home’s design we will often not be able to install one system due to not being able to access all roof cavities with one system, so a mix of ducted or wall split systems may be necessary.

I hope some of these points may help you in deciding the right option for your home. Please remember every home and homeowners expectations from what they require from their air conditioning are different so please take the time to sit down with an air conditioning professional to work out and customise a design that best suits your needs, family, lifestyle and budget. Please remember Stinson Air are here to help and would welcome a meeting in our showrooms in Perth or the South West (in Vasse) or can come to you, to customise an air conditioning solution for you.

One thing is certain – you won’t need this many!