HOT OFF THE PRESS! MyLights is here and it’s a game changer!

Hey everyone, MyLights is here! From the manufacturers of MyAir, being Advantage Air, this amazing product has hit our shelves! We have completed our first installs and there is a lot of excitement surrounding this product. So, why do we love MyLights?





  • The integration with the new app, MyPlace, is seamless. You can easily jump between tabs to control either your air conditioner, lights or other app controlled functions in your home, be that your Sonos music systems, check your CCTV, maybe you have app controlled blinds, security or so many other possibilities. Don’t have MyAir? No problem you can still have MyLights as a stand alone product also.
  • Security – clients we talk to are loving this; imagine it’s a dark winters night and you have to go home to a locked up home. Hit the ‘MyWelcome’ tab on your phone when you leave work and whatever ‘MyWelcome’ theme you set (probably all front lights, entrance, hall, main living etc) will light up remotely. Or how about you are in bed and hear a noise? Hit the same button (controller, or by phone / tablet) to light up the home – that should send any wannabe intruders scurrying instantly. Maybe you have CCTV footage? If your alarm goes off and you are not at home you can remotely turn on the lights and inspect your live streamed footage!
  • Comfort – Once again, one button to dim all your lights to “movie night” mode, or “candlelight dinner” mode – the theme settings are up to you and are so simple to set. You also have access to control all your downlights with a dimmer function without having to pay the extra for the privilege.  Or what about when you walk out the door? Hit one button ‘MyGoodbye’ to turn off all lights in the home. Maybe you forgot? Not to worry – you can do it from the app. Or how about the opportunity to flick the teenagers lights on remotely to get them out of bed? The options are endless!
  • Energy Efficiency – Being a LED lighting system the energy savings are huge, compared to halogen lighting – there is an estimated 80% energy savings day 1. On top of that, by dimming your lights you can save much more. The one touch ‘MyEco’ button will dim all lights to 80% – by doing so you will save another whopping approx 75% of this already very efficient base! Amazing!
  • Ease of use – If you have used MyAir, well, it is just as simple. These systems are designed with great functionality but are so simple to use at the same time. Play with the interface for 5 minutes and you will just about have it mastered without even picking up an instruction manual, and if you do have trouble, being  a Western Australian owned company with head offices here, help is never far away.
  • Affordability – We think you will be very happy with the price. The systems do not cost a lot more than standard downlights and are a small fraction of the price compared to commercial based products. This product is priced to suit everyone from a first home buyer to a luxury water front home.

Please contact us to learn more today!!