One of the best Air conditioning deals ever! Thanks to Australia’s favourite air – Fujitsu and Cool Finance!!

Hi everyone, well as this November keeps heating up and if you need a ducted reverse cycle system for your home, this is a great deal for you.

The team at Fujitsu and Stinson Air are offering you 5 YEARS INTEREST FREE on the sale and install of any new ducted system. There has never before been such a good finance deal offered, it is much, much cheaper than putting your system on a credit card, personal loan or against your home loan. You are even miles in front if you have the cash to pay for your new system – put the cash in the bank and collect the interest and pay your new system of over 5 years – you will be miles in front! We are getting enquiries from people that work in finance / banking because they realise what a good deal this is. There is a cost associated with finance and the catch is usually that you pay more for finance packages as opposed to “cash” deals – well until the end of January 2016 Fujitsu Cool Finance is wearing the finance costs. There is only a  $99 per year account keeping fee. This is a great deal and ends 31st January 2015- contact us today for a quote!