Perth On Track For Hottest Heatwave

download (3)Well here at Stinson Air we have never seen a week like this weather wise and that is because there has not been a run of 4 days over 40′ since 1933, and if as forecast today, tomorrow and Thursday reach 40′ then it will be a run of 5 days over 40′ and the longest run of days over 40′ since records began in Perth!!

Well I had better get back to work as we are under the pump and the phone is ringing hot. With those of our clients needing service help we thank you for your patience in letting us catch up on the backlog of work due to these unprecedented conditions.

Keep hydrated, enjoy our beautiful beaches or your pool if you are lucky enough (and if not in your neighbours) and stay cool in your – hopefully Stinson Air, air conditioned – home!