Refrigerated (reverse cycle) vs Evaporative Cooling in Perth and greater Western Australia

Well the argument of ducted reverse cycle vs evaporative cooling has been going on for a very long time, let’s check out some facts and see who the winner is, in our humble opinion anyway!


In Western Australia, refrigerated systems (and usually the reverse cycle models) dominate. They are very popular in southern cooler regions for their ability to be an extremely efficient form of heating. They are also extremely popular in northern dry and humid towns where the systems have the ability to control cooling to the required temperature and decrease humidity if required. In Perth they are also extremely popular as ducted systems, with the ability to zone all rooms in a home and to have independent air flow or temperature control to these zones. The zones not being used can be shut of to improve energy efficiency. Reverse cycle systems really have all bases covered for advanced comfort control.


In Perth evaporative cooling is quite popular for a number of reasons. The main reason is budget, a ducted evaporative system can be installed for approximately half the cost of a ducted reverse cycle system. They are also very cost effective to run compared to refrigerated system, with very minimal energy use required to run the fan, water pump and control system. Another great benefit is fresh air, evaporative systems bring in 100% fresh air and continually flush all the air out of a home.

And the WINNER IS?

For us it has to be refrigerated (and reverse cycle). While an evaporative system is very good at cooling a space in mild to warm, dry summer conditions, your refrigerated system will keep your climate exactly the way you want it to be. Whether it is extremely hot and dry, tropical conditions with high humidity or we are in the depth of a cold southern WA winter, your refrigerated system won’t let you down. On top of this fresh air systems can be added to refrigerated systems on request. If the extra running costs are a problem, we highly recommend a roof top solar system. This will assist in your energy use and then this argument can also be negated.

At Stinson Air we are here to help with any of these requirements, good luck with your decision.