Replacing Your Window Mounted Air Conditioner with an Energy Efficient Split System

Currently you have a window mounted air conditioner and you are wondering whether it’s time to upgrade to a bigger system? Read on to see why a split system is the more energy efficient option.

How is a split system air conditioner more energy efficient?

Split air conditioners have a bigger evaporator in comparison with window air conditioners, and this helps them in achieving more cooling per unit power consumed- making them more efficient. Coolant circulates through the air conditioner evaporator (in the indoor unit) which is responsible for the cooling effect of the air conditioner. When warm indoor air comes in contact with the evaporator, heat exchange takes place between air and the coolant. The coolant absorbs the heat from the air in contact and cools it down.

If the contact between the air and the evaporator is better, greater cooling will be achieved. This is taken care of by increasing the surface area of the evaporator.The similar story follows in case of the air conditioner condenser (in the outdoor unit) and is responsible for cooling down the coolant itself.

After being compressed, the temperature of the coolant rises and it must be lowered for proper operation which is done by the condenser. The lower the temperature of coolant, the better the cooling. The heat exchange will take place more efficiently if the surface area of the condenser coil is increased.

Split systems distribute air more effectively than window air conditioners which helps them cool down faster and makes the compressor shut down quicker.

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Flexibility of spilt system air conditioners

Split air conditioners can be installed at any height and in any corner, which means they can reach a wider area. This coverage can cool the area at a much faster rate. The less you need to run your air conditioner- the more energy you save!

Window air conditioners also generally do a better job of distributing air in one direction, which may not uniformly cool a space and may only suit small areas.

Other reasons to go for split systems over window air conditioners

Other than energy efficiency, there are other reasons to replace your window air conditioning unit with a split system air conditioning unit.

Window air conditioners can be unsightly, especially if you have to install foam insulation around the unit to stop air leaks.

There is also the fact it blocks out the use and light of your window. While they can be removed when not being used, removing a window air-conditioner unit can be difficult, so it’s best to leave it in place.

Other reasons include:

  • Split system air conditioners are much quieter than window air conditioners.
  • A window air conditioner doesn’t have the same features and won’t be able to provide air filtration to the extent of a split system.
  • A window air conditioner may be nice and cool near the unit, but you may be warm on the other side of the room. (This is due to the unit not being able to circulate the air in your room as efficiently).

Is it time to replace my window air conditioner?

Many people replace an air conditioning system approximately every 10 years, as usually a new system and running costs often outweigh the maintenance of an older system.

If you need to decide whether or not it’s time to replace your old window air conditioner, the team at Stinson Air & Solar can offer you a complimentary consultation.

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