Sustainable Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Reducing energy use around your home not only helps you reduce your carbon footprint, it also helps you to save money. If you’re looking for practical ways to save house energy, here are a few helpful tips you can follow.

Tip #1: Start Unplugging Electronics

Even if you’re not using your electronics, they still consume energy. This can cost you a significant amount of money each year. Start unplugging your electronics when you’re not using them to reduce your energy consumption.

Tip #2: Use Cold Water

When you’re doing laundry, start using cold water. This saves electricity, since your water heater won’t have to heat the water for your laundry. Save even more money by drying your clothing outdoors instead of using the dryer.

Tip #3: Invest in Programmable Air Conditioning Controls

If you want an energy efficient house, invest in a programmable air conditioning system. By adjusting the temperature when you’re away from home or sleeping, you can cut your heating or cooling bill in half. A programmable air con unit keeps you from forgetting to make these adjustments so you maximise your savings.

Tip #4: Check Your Refrigerator

The refrigerator is your most expensive appliance to run, since it runs all day, every day. Check the fridge to make sure you have a tight, gap-free door seal so the cold air isn’t able to escape. It’s also important to clean the coils on your fridge and freezer a couple times a year to maximize the appliances efficiency.

Tip #5: Ensure Drafts are Sealed

Drafts will cost you money during the summer and the winter. To save energy, make sure that you seal any drafts. You can use foam sealant or silicone caulking for drafts from non-movable sources. For doors and windows, weather stripping or even draft stoppers can help stop the drafts, helping you save house energy.

Tip #6: Stick with Energy Efficient Lighting

You should consider choosing energy efficient lighting in your home if you want an energy efficient house. CFLs and LEDs are both great options that don’t use as much energy as regular light bulbs do.

Tip #7: Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances

One of the best things you can do to ensure your home is energy efficient is to purchase energy efficient appliances. Whether you’re shopping for a refrigerator or a washing machine, look for appliances that are designed to save energy. They require an upfront investment, but they can save you a lot of energy and money in the long run.